" Karishma, The Miracles of Destiny has all the essential requisites- drama, romance, action and most important of all -a good story line." : Sachin Bhaumick


Sachin Bhaumick, a writer who has to penned the scripts of Bollywood blockbusters like Golmaal, Saudagar, Yeh Dillagi and Dushman to name a few, recently forayed into writing for television with Karishma, The Miracle of Destiny.

Slated to be one of the biggest and most expensive shows ever made in the history of television, Bhaumick spoke to indiantelevision.com's Agnes Sebastian last week, before the copyright infringement suit put a stay on the telecast of the show, earlier scheduled for a launch tonight.

Excerpts :

Can you give a brief outline of 'Karishma'?

Karishma is the story of a courageous woman who goes through hell . It showcases the struggle of a woman since her childhood and how through sheer grit and determination emerges as a successful business tycoon. The serial traces her life from 17 to 70 years. It has all the essential requisites- drama, romance, action and most important of all -a good story line.

How is it going to be different from the other soaps currently on air?

Television has become an addiction with the people today. Ektaa Kapoor's serials which currently rule the roost have primarily tapped the values of a middle class family and all possible relationships one can ever have. However these serials fail to project reality. How many Indian housewives do you know who go to work in the kitchen wearing expensive Banarsi sarees? Everybody is shown rich in her serials.

The problems faced by the characters in these shows are only emotional not economical. Actually, her serials have two distinguishing factors- good looking people and a temple in every house. Contrary to all this Karishma is very different. It is a modern story which traces the growth of an individual from rags to riches. I have emphasised on relationships but in a far more realistic man

As a scriptwriter you have always been associated with movies. What made you opt for writing for television and what kind of a conscious effort did it take on your part to write for television?

Well, I have been writing scripts for the past 42 years. I began my career with writing a film for Hrishikesh Mukherjee and have worked with all the big names in the industry. I have written the script of movies like Soldier, Taal, Saudagar and the latest Movie with Rakesh Roshan Koi Mil Gayaa starring Hrithik Roshan.

I chanced upon this project when Sumit Roy said that he wanted 'a storyline with lots of drama' and wanted to cast Bollywood stars in it. I had a script ready and on hearing it, he agreed to go ahead with it.

I have watched some good television series like Dynasty, Friends to name a few. I have the ability to grasp things quickly. I love to experiment with creativity in different forms. Though there is no doubt that the format for a serial is different, I think I have got the hang of holding the viewers' attention at the end of each episode to keep them groping for more.

For how many episodes is 'Karishma' scheduled to run for?

Well, as I said before the story centres around Karishma , the main subject which has a very strong base will itself run for 200 episodes. We do intend to have various sub plots. Though the soap has been scheduled to go on for 220 episodes, it may go on for more. Actually, the soap will be more like a movie on television. It will definitely go down in the history of television as one of the most expensive serials ever made in India.

With the Bollywood big names on the casting list, how did you decide on the roles each one would play? Did you manage keep everyone happy?

I guess if instead of me there was a scriptwriter who was relatively young and new to the profession, he would definitely have had a tough time keeping everyone happy. As for me-- my age and experience speaks for me. I know these actors since they were kids. They have complete faith in me and know that I will not do any injustice to them. On that front I have had no problems whatsoever. Moreover, there is no budget crunch at all.

Did you face any kind of channel interference?

The only premise that was given to me by the channel was that the soap should not go against the Indian cultural values and needed to have a positive outlook. The central character had to be positive - who when beset by problems and worries emerged victorious. Also, there is no shock value in the script. It had to reinstate the fact that good always triumphs over evil. Moreover, since the target audience would be families belonging to the upper and middle class, I was told that I could in no way compromise on values.

Does the soap deliver any specific message to the audience?

As I mentioned earlier Karishma is the story of an achiever. It is about a girl who faces many problems in life and every time comes out victorious. The soap shows how one needs to put up a tough fight to achieve one's goal. One should have honest intentions and be clear of his/her mission in life. Every individual needs to work towards achieving that goal and success will not elude you. It also reinstates the motto - Work is Worship.

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