Sri Lanka Cricket to lose $3mn over England tour cancellation

Sri Lanka Cricket to lose $3mn over England tour cancellation

MUMBAI: Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC) chairman Arjuna Ranatunga has blamed the Indian Premier League (IPL) for depriving SLC of $3 million due to the cancellation of next year‘s England tour. This happened due to the non-availability of Lankan players who will play in the IPL.

Ranatunga has also been quoted in media reports stating that it is unfair that SLC does not gain any money for releasing its players for the IPL. The SLC, he said, will now ensure that it becomes the sole representative of its players and earns revenue from any future contract they sign with other organisations.

?We are going to help the players by being their agent from next year. At the moment various individuals who have no connection with the development of cricket are lurking in the shadows and grab the players to become their agent. They make a cool 10 per cent commission by exploiting the player. We are hoping to a put a stop to it,? said Ranatunga.

SLC, he explained, is bringing the player up to the international level by supporting them from the grassroot level. So, it is only just that SLC should get a commission, if there is any. "We have planned this as a mode of income generation for the next year," he argued.

Ranatunga said the SLC will soon move to minimise the role of players‘ agents in the game, especially when it comes to signing IPL contracts, by amending players‘ contracts from next year.

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