TV is highest reaching medium across countries: Study

TV is highest reaching medium across countries: Study

NEW DELHI: Though television in general is the highest reaching medium with more than 85 per cent penetration in 2007, the reach in India is just above 50 per cent.According to research firm Magna Global, TV outshines other media as being the highest reaching, except for Germany and India. Radio reaches more than 60 per cent of the population, except for Spain, India and China.

Countering figures given from time to time by the Indian government, the study shows radio reaches a bare 20 per cent, newspapers around 38 per cent, magazines just over ten per cent, and Internet less than five per cent.

Newspapers still have penetration of more than 60 per cent in Germany, China, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom, although the reach is particularly lower in France and Russia, with less than 20 per cent.

Magazines have an impressive penetration in Germany and France, with more than 85 percent, but do not perform as well in the United States and India, with less than 25 per cent reach.

The Internet, although still newly emerging, has a reach of more than half the population in most of the countries studied. In the United States, penetration is at about 70 per cent, while in the United Kingdom and Germany penetration is more than 60 per cent. However, in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the penetration is still lower than 30 per cent.

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