Nat Geo to air new series 'Space Special' from 4 Jan

Nat Geo to air new series 'Space Special' from 4 Jan


NEW DELHI: National Geographic is set to air new series, Space Special, from 4 January. The series will be aired at 8 pm every Sunday.

Speaking about the new series, National Geographic Channel India VP ? Programming Sudha Sadhanand said, ?Space Special is an attempt to bring our viewers closer to the world outside our own, which affects our own existence and will play a huge role in determining our future.?

Narrated by British actor Sean Pertwee, the new series is divided into episodes like Journey To The Edge Of The Universe, Hubble Trouble, Monster of the Milky Way and Deep Space Probes.

Journey To The Edge Of The Universe ventures into the farthest reaches of human existence and explains the extraordinary phenomena taking place trillions of kilometres away from Earth.

Hubble Trouble, to be aired on 11 January, is about Nat Geo team meeting the engineers who put this telescope in space and astronomers who used Hubble?s telescope to decode the mysteries of the universe.

Monster of the Milky Way, which be aired on 18 January, will take viewers to the early days of the universe.

The channel will air Deep Space Probes on 25 January, which will follow the construction, journey, and eventual arrival of the two biggest probe missions, The Cassini-Huygens Mission and the Mars Exploration Rovers.

The channel has also developed an exclusive microsite