Arianespace to launch broadband satellite IpStar 11 August

MUMBAI: After the completion of additional checks and work on parts of the launcher, Arianespace has decided to launch the Thailand based Shin Satellite's broadband satellite IpStar on 11 August 2005.

Once in orbit, IPStar will provide broadband Internet and other telecommunications services to many countries in Asia. The satellite's footprint stretches from China in the north to Australia in the south and from India in the west to New Zealand in the east.

Earlier this month the discovery of an anomaly with ground equipment used to prepare the Ariane 5 launcher had resulted in Arianespace's decision to perform additional checks.

The operation took a few days and led to an equivalent delay in the launch, which had initially been scheduled for 11 July 2005. Initiated in 2000, the iPStar launch has been postponed at least three times since mid-2003 due to time-consuming construction and testing processes. The company claims that iPStar will be the world's largest commercial satellite.

The satellite operator has already announced deals with companies in several countries including India, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Laos and China. Dedicated satellite terminals are capable of providing connectivity at speeds of up to 4Mbps from the satellite and 2Mbps to the satellite.

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