Animal Planet examines seas, oceans in a new show from 15 Feb

Animal Planet examines seas, oceans in a new show from 15 Feb

MUMBAI: Nearly three quarters of the Earth?s surface lies beneath a vast blue patchwork of seas and oceans.

Animal Planet takes viewers on an expedition through oceanic wonders across seven continents in its new series ?The Magic Of The Big Blue? from 15 February every night at 8 pm. From Asia, to Australia and Oceania, South America, Europe, Africa, North America and the Antarctica, the show is a dive into these waters and an adventure through the cameras of Darek Sepiolo, an underwater photographer.

On the show, viewers will get close to these worlds that are far beneath the surface and uncover the hidden enthralling life and ecosystems.

The seven-part series begins in Asia, the most prolific area of underwater life on the planet that supports the livelihood of 120 million people.

Travel to the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia and witness the Coral Triangle, the underwater equal of the Amazon, and the global centre of marine biodiversity where an incredible 76 per cent of the world?s corals thrive and more than 3,000 species of fish make their home. From coral reefs, to an array of life forms including six out of the seven species of marine turtles, massive manta rays, populations of whale sharks, marine mammals including the endangered dugong, and an abundance of commercially valuable pelagic species like the yellowfin tuna and more, these enchanting underwater meadows hold more than meets the eye.

The show then immerses in the salty depths of the Oceania, the last area of the underwater world that is untouched by humans. From the rainbow reefs of Fiji to Coral Triangle?s Kimbe Bay, from Papua New Guinea to Palau, and more, travel across Australia and the 7,000 over islands of the extensive Oceania on the show. The Bismarck Sea, a region forgotten by the world, is home to a maze of tiny islands where a rich cradle of life has thrived for centuries. The reefs of Papua New Guinea, a world perfectly preserved from thousands of years ago and where dozens of islets and coral atolls create a network of sea grass beds, mangroves, dunes, lagoons, and flood plains in which marine life thrive. The show will take viewers on a ride of currents at Blue Corner, the diving Mecca of Palau.

In addition to being the world?s first designated shark sanctuary where it is home to predatory grey and black-tip reef sharks, it is also inhabited by magnificent gorgonian fans, anemones, eels, cartilaginous eagle rays, endangered Napolean Wrasses and more.

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