Fox Traveller kicks off 'What's With Indian Women?' next month

Fox Traveller kicks off 'What's With Indian Women?' next month


MUMBAI: After experiencing success with its local show ?What?s With Indian Men?, lifestyle channel Fox Traveller turns its attention to the fairer sex with ?What?s With Indian Women? from 9 December every Sunday at 10 pm.

Two Indian boys have taken up the task to be a part of the tell-all tale on Indian women. VJ Andy and comedian Sanjay Rajoura set out on a fun journey across the vast geography of India to figure out the opposite gender. Their adventures take them to destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Dehradun, Pune, Jaipur, Vadodra, Shillong, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow and Chandigarh. They meet women from all walks of life be it models, actors, housewives, sports persons or activists- You name it! This show is all that a man needs to decode Indian women.

Fox International Channel VP marketing Debarpita Banerjee said, "After the phenomenal success of What?s With Indian Men last year, FOX Traveller is back with all the juicy revelations with What?s With Indian Women? Mystery decoders Andy & Sanjay Rajoura are set to task on this exciting series where they meet many beautiful Indian women to know what makes them tick?"

VJ Andy said,"Being a part of this show was like doing a crash course on Indian women! We travelled the Oval: IMPRESS THE LADY. HOLD THE DOOR OPEN FOR HER. Indian landscape, met interesting women and learnt about everything that makes them special! My partnership with Sanjay has been electric; the result is an exciting series that is high on humour, travel and some fantastic revelations".

Rajoura said, "Women are known to be these mysterious creatures, every man is trying to figure out! This show is the perfect guide for all men out there! Andy and I enjoyed every minute of the show, meeting various women from different parts of the country and understanding their quirks and perspectives.

In one episode in Delhi, Sanjay and Andy find themselves in the capital of the country where they try and figure out the contradictions that are Delhi women. Here they meet a sophisticated socialite known for her purchasing power who shows them what it is like to be the diva she is. They meet an opinionated reporter who turns the table on our boys and tests their journalistic abilities and a super biker who takes them on the ride of their life!

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