CBS sues ABC over reality show 'Glass House'

CBS sues ABC over reality show 'Glass House'


MUMBAI: US broadcaster CBS has sued ABC over its new reality TV show, "The Glass House?.

CBS has said that ABC?s show is a "carbon copy" of ?Big Brother? and employs 19 former producers and staff from that show. The federal lawsuit seeks an injunction barring ABC from continuing its work or airing ?The Glass House?, a show that will film and allow viewers to vote off contestants living together in a house.

Reports though indicate that CBS will have to prove that ABC is infringing on a unique idea.

CBS? lawsuit states "In copying ?Big Brother,? defendants have had an unprecedented and troubling degree of access to CBS?s copyrightable expression, as well as CBS?s protected trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information related to the behind-the-scenes development, filming and production of ?Big Brother".

ABC, though, said that there are obvious differences between the two shows.

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