Big CBS Prime to launch reality horror show starting 13 July

Big CBS Prime to launch reality horror show starting 13 July


MUMBAI: Big CBS Prime, the English general entertainment channel (GEC) from the BIG CBS Network, is launching a new thriller/horror reality show - ?13: Fear Is Real?.

The show will premiere on 13 July and will air every Friday at 10 pm.

Big CBS Networks spokesperson said, "The popularity of reality shows is ever increasing and Indians have developed a strong liking for this concept. 13: Fear Is Real is an amalgamation of the reality show concept with the supernatural. Big CBS Prime brings this show to the viewers with an aim to deliver quality and differentiated content to the urban Indian male. With this unique show, we hope to strengthen our reach furthermore amongst our audience."

The channel claims that ?13: Fear is Real? is in lines with Blair Witch Project. The series combines the horror genre with a reality show format.

Contestants are taken on a journey with challenges and games designed to frighten them along the way. Similar to horror films, the challenges will play into deepest fears and anxieties and will reveal things the contestants never knew about themselves. Combining reality and scripted horror, this series features 13 contestants staying in a spooky house and forced to confront their deepest fears. Each week, a different competitor departs by appearing to die in an "elaborately staged" scenario. The last one standing wins $66,666.

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