BBC expenses down by 4% in Q4

BBC expenses down by 4% in Q4


MUMBAI: BBC has cut down expenses and central bookings by 4 per cent in the fiscal-fourth quarter, with particular savings on hotels, taxis and hospitality.

This is down 11 per cent since it first started publishing in 2009.

BBC published details of the expenses, central bookings and gifts and hospitality for the fourth quarter ended March 2012, and the salaries as of June 2012, of most of its senior managers.

This publication is part of the pubcaster?s continued commitment to provide more transparency in how it is spending the License Fee and is the 12th expenses isclosure.

A BBC spokesperson said, "Expenses have fallen 4 percent this quarter and remain within a range proportionate to running a media organisation of this size. We continue to be mindful of how we spend public money and to drive down costs wherever possible."