Nat Geo to kick off new season of 'Banged up Abroad'

Nat Geo to kick off new season of 'Banged up Abroad'


MUMBAI: Travel books may tell you what to do on a trip but National geographic channel?s show, ?Banged Up Abroad?, aims to offer a guide on what not to do when travelling abroad.

The new season of the show kicks off on 20 August at 10 pm.

So what are these ?don?t dos?? These include falling, in love with a married woman in Philippines, revealing sexual preferences in Saudi Arabia and offering to help business men in Argentina transfer Gold.

The infotainment broadcaster will showcase first- hand accounts of survivors who escape their self inflicted doom in a foreign land.

Banged up Abroad will tell tales from countries around the world like Saudi Arabia, Spain, Argentina, Tokyo, Iraq and Columbia.

Viewers can watch how an innocent Iraqi soldier is forced to switch lives with the evil son of Saddam Hussain. Practically aping his identity, he escapes several assassination attempts until he finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between death and escape.

In another scandalous scenario, a student nurse and crack addict makes a daring escape by hitchhiking and swimming across an international border only to turn herself over to authorities in England.

?Banged Up Abroad? sheds light on the spirit of survival when caught in situations caused by an error in judgment.


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