Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo launch in India

Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo launch in India

MUMBAI: Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo have launched in India. The new networks will initially air on the Tata Sky DTH platform, but will soon be available on analogue as well.

Discovery Science is priced at Rs. 12 while Discovery Turbo is priced at Rs 10 for non Cas markets.

Discovery will, thus, operate five channels in India including Discovery Channel (a factual entertainment channel), Discovery Travel & Living (international lifestyle channel) and Animal Planet (dedicated to wildlife). The three networks reach 116 million cumulative subscribers in India with programming customised in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Says Discovery Asia-Pacific executive VP, MD Tom Keaveny, ?India is globally recognised as one of the world?s most exciting television markets and is a priority market for Discovery. The launch of Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo reflects our enduring commitment to provide Indian viewers, affiliates and advertisers with a variety of credible, entertaining and high-quality networks.?

Discovery is in talks with DTH and cable TV operators to spread the reach of the two new channels. ?The addition of two unique content channels, Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo, to our existing portfolio of channels reiterates our strategy to offer distinctive and relevant non-fiction content in a highly cluttered Indian television market. Both these channels will satisfy the insatiable curiosity of aspirational Indian viewers and reflect the changing face of Indian television. Carriage fee becomes an issue when there are 10 news channels and you want to add another one. That is not the case here. There is no science channel and there is no Turbo channel,? says Discovery India senior VP, GM Rahul Johri.

Targeting the family, Discovery Science will provide a look at the impact of science and technology on daily lives through a range of entertaining programmes focused on research and discoveries, human body, astronomy, genetics, exploration, medical advances and space.

Discovery Turbo, on the other hand, will showcase cars, trucks, motorbikes, planes, yachts and trains.
Targeting upscale males, the channel will cover a range of programmes on Formula One racing; motor clubs and trends, celebrity motoring profiles and events.

Both the channels will be ad free at this stage. Ads will be carried a few months down the line, says Johri. Marketing activities will be done once the two channels have achieved sufficient reach.

MSM Discovery president Rajesh Kaul says, "I am delighted to have two new compelling channels - Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo in the The OneAlliance bouquet. I am sure the innovative and unmatched programming on these two channels will add value to The OneAlliance."

Discovery Science aims to make science programming accessible, relevant and entertaining. The channel‘s goal is to search for the answers to the questions that have eluded us for centuries and reveal life?s greatest mysteries and smallest wonders, from uncovering lost worlds to exploring the latest in scientific discoveries.

Some shows on Discovery Science are:

- Master of the Universe: Stephen Hawking - Professor Stephen Hawking will examine just how far our understanding of the universe has developed and introduce unimagined science ideas. Driving this landmark series is Hawking‘s fascination with the big questions - How did the universe begin? How will it end? What was there before it?

- 100 Things that Will Change Your Life - Scientists are working on things that will change our world tomorrow or in 10 years, but one thing is certain ? it will definitely change our lives forever. This countdown series will look at 100 projects that are flying under the radar right now, but are certain to make a difference tomorrow.

- Beautiful Minds approaches the huge scientific field of brain research through the most interesting and entertaining ‘research projects‘, the Savants. Currently, there are around one hundred recognised Savants with genius-like talents worldwide. For all brain researchers the Savants are a fascinating window into the brain.

- How It?s Made visits dozens of assembly lines where technology turns raw material into finished products right before the viewers? eyes. Viewers will be amazed to see how many common and ordinary items are manufactured in the most high-tech factories around the world.

Discovery Turbo offers programming for people who love the adrenaline rush of all things motored. Shows on this channel include:

- Mean Green Machines is a highly photogenic and fast paced thrill ride showcasing the latest, hottest and greenest vehicles just off the assembly line.

- Wheelers Dealers features the duo Mike Brewer and Edd China who save repairable classics before selling the newly made-over cars for more than just profit.

- Racer Girlz ? In the ultra-competitive, exclusive, exhilarating and dangerous world of racing, a new group of racers is beginning its march to the top: female drivers and mechanics. But there is a cost. These women have found their passion in a world traditionally closed to them.

- Red Line TV covers the fast-paced sport of drifting, exposing viewers to the competitors during preparation and practice. As the cars are tested, viewers experience the power, hear the turbos spooling, the sound of the blow-off valve and the exhaust. Redline TV captures the cars and the people behind them, in all their glory.

- Trick My Truck is a series that features big, rig-truck mechanics who scour truck-stops in search of drivers whose trucks are in need of dire help, helping to transform them into their dream ride.