Broadcasters want govt to help resolve tangle on IPL telecast

Broadcasters want govt to help resolve tangle on IPL telecast

NEW DELHI: The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) has urged the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to ensure that broadcasters get a fair deal from the Indian Premier League (IPL) with regard to telecast of footage.

Under the new guidelines, the IPL has said television channels can use up to 30 seconds of fresh footage per bulletin, while websites are not allowed to broadcast any of the match footages, archived or deferred. News channels are also not allowed to show match footage surpassing 120 seconds per match, with a cap of just seven minutes of footage for the entire day.

It has also been stated in the media guidelines for IPL3 that the footages cannot be repeated more than three times a day, as against four repeats allowed in the first two editions of the IPL. The renewed guidelines also demand a minimum delay of 30 minutes from the live, compared to a delay of five minutes last time.

The IBF has said in a statement that immediate intervention by the Ministry can help resolve the impasse between the broadcasters and the IPL authorities.

The Ministry had mediated in a similar manner in 2008 through the then additional secretary resulting in a compromise and the guidelines developed then had held good till now.

The Foundation said failure of a negotiated settlement will have serious consequences. If the access to cricket is so restricted that a large part of viewers are deprived of cricketing news, it will not be beneficial to any of the parties involved and ire of general public may have to be also faced by them.

News Broadcasters Association, representing the news channels, will also discuss the issue with the IPL and see if they can be allowed more favourable terms.