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The gaming and esports industry - though still in its infancy in India - is showing signs scaling up. The lockdown had its own advantageous effect: Indians took to gaming like never before, and time spent on online gaming zoomed. And platforms, publishers, tech providers have all taken note of this acceleration of adoption.

India is today primed for an explosion and emerging as a hotbed for gaming, esports and more. From casual gamers being on the rise thanks to cheap smartphone and data availability, gaming has penetrated into smaller towns in India. And it can only get better than this.

However, with all that comes the need to address issues and discuss ideas on what can take the medium to the next level.

With the first edition of Games, Esports and More Summit, AnimationXpress and Indiantelevision intends to bring leaders, veterans and stakeholders of the industry – platforms, tech, developers, payment gateways, brands, distributors, telcos, and other service providers, gamers, talent managers - under one space to discuss the present and help in distilling best practices which would aid in the development of Gaming and Esports.

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Why Attend?


It is imperative that with the advancements in gaming as an ecosystem, the technology will spearhead as well. A lot of tech brands have been leaning towards the gaming ecosystem in recent times and gaming hardware sales have been on the rise in the country. Do the tech brands agree?

Game Development:

To cater to the content-hungry audience, more development studios are springing up in India. From small ones consisting of two individuals to large scale studios, everyone wants to showcase their unique ideas and make a mark. What will the ecosystem be like in the near future?

Agencies and Brands:

As the brands look to collaborate with the gaming names of the country, it is the agencies who are helping the brands out with the scrutiny and prospects. At least that is the general idea. How is the collaboration ecosystem really shaping up? We ask the experts.


Just like the more mature markets for gaming and esports, India too is now becoming a hub which is hungry for live gaming and content related to it. There has been a spur of gaming/esports related content on some of the major OTT platforms and broadcast space and streaming platforms, will the industry mushroom in this trajectory?

Content creators:

This goes without saying! The content creators are the ones who actually fill a lot of the demand gaps in the ecosystem. And evidently, they are also on the rise. What is the secret behind making eye-catching gaming content in the country?


This is possibly a phenomenon in the country's ecosystem which has been simmering from before the past decade, but the recent few years has seen it surge. With multiple stakeholders placing bets on this growing industry, what lies ahead?

In-game 30!

With this segment as the swan song, we intend on honoring some of the best in the industry with a token of appreciation. Including individuals across the gamut of sub sectors of the gaming industry in India, we plan on bringing recognition to these movers and shakers.

Who would be attending?

  • Game developers
  • Studios
  • Broadcasters
  • OTT platforms
  • Streaming services
  • Influencers
  • Pro players
  • Gaming platforms
  • Technology providers
  • Agencies
  • Brands
  • Gamers

Key Themes

Gaming Esports & More Summit

GEMSTech – diving deep into the tech


A secure and reliable network is crucial in esports, where milliseconds can be the difference between winning and losing. Throw in 4K streams and the recent explosion of augmented and virtual gaming (AR/VR), and networks are often pushed past their limits – much to the dismay of gamers who have brought the term ‘gamer rage’ into the mainstream. Then take the latest megatrend of mobile gaming which is extremely popular in India. Today’s biggest mobile games now involve immersive multiplayer worlds that draw in thousands of simultaneous users. In fact, a growing number of today’s most popular games incorporate full cross-platform support, allowing mobile gamers to play in the same real-time world as those on a console or PC. How crucial is the network to the industry and how is software changing the gaming world?


Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are one of the principal threats to content delivery network (CDN). Using malware to remotely control thousands of computers and direct them to overwhelm a specific target with bogus requests, CDN DDoS attacks cause a network to become slow or unavailable to users, potentially resulting in lasting damage to reputation, productivity and profitability. Despite their frequency, defending against CDN DDoS attacks remains difficult as increasingly sophisticated hackers find new ways to get around firewalls and security systems. Most recently, CDN DDoS attacks are targeting the application layer, taking advantage of layer 7 protocols to wreak havoc. The gaming industry has long been the top target for DDoS attacks, and research has determined that a majority of their documented DDoS attacks were spread between two industries—online gaming with 57% of the attacks, software and technology had 26%. What are the best practices to build a robust CDN and protect a platform against DDoS attacks?

We ask the experts.

Esports production: Going remote

When the current pandemic mandated stay-at-home measures, it has become important to put in a fully remote operation with low latency featuring a virtual production control room accessible to multiple producers, technical directors, sound engineers and other staff. Live streams from gamers in different locations are ingested simultaneously through a cloud-based infrastructure and made available for distribution to multiple broadcast endpoints in real-time, whether for viewing on audience platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, or on TV or for viewing by production staff and talent while producing a show to be aired on a future date.

Live Stream: The upward curve

Along with the swift adoption of gaming and esports across the country, content creation around them or watching live matches is picking up in the country. While English was predominantly the language of choice, it is no longer the leader in the country in every case. Live game streaming in vernacular languages has picked up pace only to prove that the content consumption will only grow in the coming years. We talk to some of the pioneers in the business to understand all the aspects.

Gaming Esports & More Summit


Building robust business models

Even as gaming and esports are picking up, and companies are investing in the ecosystem, it’s important that robust long-term business models emerge, which can help build sustainable initiatives for every one in the ecosystem. The industry is in customer acquisition phase, which is necessary considering that there are more than 500 million internet users who could go the gaming way. Publishers, league organisers, developers, tech, service partners, investors, brand partners, platforms, teams, talent management, talent can all work together to make the road ahead smoother and possibly develop newer revenue streams. A panel discussion on what elements will work in India, and what need to be developed, and what need to be acted upon immediately.

GEMS Marketing

Special address / Fireside chat


More and more families need to accept that being a gamer and an esports player can be a viable career options. Brands, media platforms, press need to understand the potential, as well as the importance of reaching out to gamers and the audience who is following them. Basically, perceptions towards gaming and esports need to change in India. What are the initiatives being undertaken and what else can the ecosystem do? A panel discussion.

Gaming panel Maneuvring through the Indian maze

India’s gaming ecosystem could do with an injection of capital. How do the international biggies view the Indian opportunity? What’s good now and what could get better? Gaming companies share their perspective.

Indie game studio panel Make in India: Indie game developers

India’s game developers have moved from simple outsourced service work to developing IPs. What are their strengths, what have they been up to and can they develop a global hit?

Virtual Firechat Case studies of brand partnerships with gaming and Esports - Marketer and agency presentations

Case studies of brand partnerships with gaming and Esports - Marketer and agency presentations

Influencer panel:
The Talent Perspective: management , making a living and fans

Gamers in India are beginning to generate huge fan following. Do they need talent management like in other sports? How does a gamer ensure that he or she gets her or his money’s worth? And how do you build a profitable career graph for him/her? Gamers, managers converse.


Akshat Rathee

Founder & Managing Director


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Anurag Khurana

Gaming / Esports veteran

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Anand Pimprikar

Head Sales, BD - India, Media and Entertainment Services

Tata Communications

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Chirag Chopra


Lucid Labs

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Dhaval Ponda

Global Head, Media and Entertainment Services

Tata Communications

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Himanshu Manwani


Xigma Games

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Hrishi Oberoi

Founder and CEO

Photon Tadpole Studios

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Kiran Noojibail


Esports and Broadcasting LXG - League of Extraordinary Gamers

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Ravi Kiran

Founder and CEO

GoLive Games Studio

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Sandeep Agarwal



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Vaibhav Chavan

Founder and CEO

underDOGS Gaming Private Limited

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Zainuddeen Fahadh


Ogrehead Studios

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