Release Your Emotions & Celebrate - Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Singh,Joint managing director,Percept Holdings have somebody whom he can relate to and also fundamentals about the Big Boss,in conversation with Nidhi Jain.

By Birth

I am very God fearing,it's quite nice to have somebody one can relate to universally for all issues and more interesting is that He does not talk back.Imagine that we have a living God and He would give us advice,we shall be in deep trouble,so I like the whole packaging of God,if one is sad one can talk to him.I believe temples are great therapy,it's not necessary to connect deeply to God;if one is a good humanbeing,do good deeds, God shall respect.I believe our actions should connect to God ,walking barefoot to 16 temples,is crazy.Once in a while I go to Vaishnodevi,I love running up and down the mountain.I get a kick,just the magic of being there.


Base of religion came from our parents ,everything embodied,that constituted the model.They never forced us on anything when it came to religion.It was taught that karma decides the fate.During those weak moments if one wants to go to temple and share a moment with statue it is a personal choice,can't go crazy doing pujans,then its becomes an endless journey.



Created by political scenario of a country,it's universal,human beings are equal.They are created and circumstantial,hardcore eg.being... Newzealand went to Pakistan to play series three years ago,shining campaign was on,first day they blasted the bomb in front of the hotel ,they felt Newzies didn't play well.India went 30 days later they won series,not a single bomb blasted,had their Pakwans and guess who won the series--India.Newzealenders were sent home.We think people want to fight or somebody wants to make us fight.Politics and terrorism ensures that religion is an issue.


Believe in Myself and God.


If somebody is doing a ritual I am part of it but I do not self create it though I thoroughly enjoy.My wife does rocking Ganpati,I was the first one to dance from my house to Nariman point.If one is involoved,it's better to make the most of it .We have 320 festivals in Mumbai.It's brilliant platform to release emotions and celeberate.

Spiritual guidance

Our spiritual guidance comes from our destiny,there are always two doors to walk through.

Positive thinking

Fully charged,only positive no negatives around.

Are you Destiny's child?

It has been rags to riches story,everything I dreamt of ,is done.I am in a comfort zone and satisfied.Now,it is is as good as it gets.

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