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You Can Win : Book Review


About the author

The founder of Qualified Learning System Inc, USA, Shiv Khera is an educator, business consultant, much sought after speaker and a successful entrepreneur. He inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages all round the globe, from the US to Singapore and to India. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless people to mend their attitudes. His 20 years of research, understanding and experience has helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfillment.

Book Review : By Chikita Kukreja

I want to be a winner. Isn't this every individual's heartfelt desire? The revised edition of You Can Win lays emphasis on the very notion of winning and focuses on what it takes to be a winner. A construction manual offering footprints to follow and help you build a triumphant and a gratifying life. It puts forth the ingredients to cook up the right recipe required to be successful in life.

The very first chapter leaves the reader hankering for another dose of positive attitude and a brighter approach towards life. So, what are the different approaches to accomplish that single motive in life i.e to win and succeed. The author focuses on steps to build a positive attitude in life. Along with this, he suggests that one needs to start off with an action plan in terms of what you want to achieve, how and by when?

Shiv Khera says that the first step to alter our lives is to adopt a positive attitude in life; whatever be our profession. Without getting into any self-help jargon, he concentrates on developing the `self' or ones personality. There are chapters on building ones self- esteem, importance of interpersonal skills, personality traits, positive habits and goal setting.

What strikes one is Khera's writing style. He goes on to illustrate every bit with an interesting and engrossing story, followed by a moral. These morals make the reader believe nothing is impossible. So, it's all about getting together the right recipe for success through the web of life.

In all, a beautiful book with stories, anecdotes which can help a prson rise to any situation not just professionally but even on a personal level. You Can Win is a must read for people in the corporate world, as much as it is for the common man.

So, sharpen your claws and get going in life!

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