I'm Neither An Atheist Nor A Devotee : Bharat Kapadia


Celebrated for his rich marketing and editorial experience, Bharat Kapadia is regarded of the leading names of the publication industry. Former editor and associate publisher of the Chitralekha Group, Bharat Kapadia firmly advocates 'the power of positive thinking'.

We take Mr. Kapadia on a spiritual quest and what comes across an iron willed person who not only thrives on conflict and competition, but seeks it out! In a t?te-?-t?te with the exec life, this enterprising man from Divya Bhaskar discusses his ideologies on God, religion and devotion.

By Birth?

I'm a Hindu Vaishnav by birth, partisan of Lord Krishna. Other than adorning the traditional necklace 'janoi' during my childhood days, I can't testify as a firm believer of God. By the way, I'm no more wearing the 'janoi'.

Family Values?

My parents were extremely devotional; they conducted pujas and other rituals. My wife, Ronak, belongs to the same school of thought. But I don't subscribe to it. My mother used to narrate the holy books to me when I was a child. Talking about my kids (a daughter and two sons), I try to infuse the philosophies of Subhash Chandra Bose in them. Except naming my kids as per their rashi, I have taught them to act rational and be pragmatic in all walks to life.

My belief?

I'm neither an atheist nor a devotee. Yes, a 'super natural force' does exist but I don't get carried away with that thought. If God does exist, I'm thankful that he has been kind to me so far. I feel the biggest tribute that we can give to our parents is by following their inculcated values and not just by blindly believing in the existence of God. Also, I have adhered to being a pucca vegetarian and teetotaler.


I have never succumbed to any rituals. Even when I was supposed to conduct the shraads on the demise of my parents, I entrusted the deed to the temple through donation. On rare occasions like Diwali, I do participate in the

chopda pujan, where the books of account are worshipped

Divine Visits?

I don't intentionally plan a visit to a temple. But when accompanied by my family on devotional trips and on social occasions, I do give in without reluctance.

Spiritual Guidance?

I haven't investigated any books which explore the being of The All Mighty. With my editorial experience of years, it's ironical but amusing to say, I can write but cannot read! As far as guidance goes, I listen to my heart. I have always believed that God, if there, is within us.

Positive thinking?

The power of positive thinking can change and enrich our life. Being sanguine and zealous in our deeds will, for sure, guarantee success and happiness.


Good karma or bad karma?I don't know. What I adhere to: do whatever pleases you.

The power is within us; how you utilize it is subjective.

Relaxing mantra?

No, I don't chant any mantras as such. Music is what works as a stress-buster for me. At present I'm being coached for vocal classical music. So you can say the music mantra works in my case. As far as being fit is concerned, I do workout regularly under a trainer.

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