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Mumbai?s Tasty and healthy restaurants


Mutton Tikka Masala, Paneer Kofta Makhanwala, Awadhi chicken Biriyani, fried dumplings and sizzlers-- do you feel your mouth watering already?How often do we find ourselves giving in to temptation and ending up indulging our olfactory organs to some mouthwatering but MSG rich junk food? And there are times when it?s not the gluttony within us, but the sloth that compels us to take the easier and less time consuming way out of hunger -- look up the closest fast food joint online and order! Those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for everything cheesy and creamy have the hardest time staying away from all the yummy desserts, which are also the highest contributor to your body?s calorie and fat meter.

One can?t really blame the foodies for having a hard time keeping themselves fit,. Especially when healthy food and tasty food sound contradictory, and almost all dining outlets care less about their customers? well-being and more about filling up tables. Just when you thought that you have to give up on your favourite white chocolate cake altogether, here?s an alternative -- restaurants that specialise their menu on a healthy diet.

 Exec Lifestyle has compiled a list of fitness friendly restaurants who offer you delicacies based on a healthy diet without compromising with taste. Take a look:

1. Flat Tummies:  

As the name suggests, this Mumbai based online food delivery service caters to a health conscious demography and is already a hit amongst the who?s who of the city. Some of their popular patrons include Mandira Bedi, Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan.

Started by food enthusiast and biotech scientist Monica Muthappa, who began cooking at the early age of 10, Flat Tummy specialises in gluten free, dairy free, chemical free food which is delicious and loaded with nutritious ingredients. Not to mention it is sugar-free and packed nicely in an eco-friendly package.

It was when Monica?s  husband became intolerant to gluten that she turned her attention towards healthy alternatives to ?junk?.

?I realized there are millions of people who have similar needs for nutrition and health but are deprived from it. They are not readily available in the market. This was the real motivation to make snacks that are very tasty but equally nutritious and low calorie,? she says.

Must Try: Vegan Ice creams in different flavours, ?Chocs Cherry Ferry?, a chocolate mousse based frozen dessert  Protein bars, Flaxseed Jam cookies and Choco Peanut Spread

2. The Protein Bake Shop

 Healthy diet isn't just to get that goddess like body and stay slim. Sometimes a low calorie diet isn't a choice but a necessity to keep your ailment in check, and Protein Bake Shop understands that well.

Started by a Dubai based nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary, The Protein Bake Shop was launched keeping in mind the plight of those diagnosed with diabetes and the like.  ?I?ve seen eight year olds being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I?ve seen young teenage girls struggle with a negative body image due to insulin resistance and I?ve seen many adults succumb to the vicious never ending cycle of yo yo dieting,? Rashi points out. 

The best thing about this online bakery is that is guarantees to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health. 

She further explains, ?The Protein Bake shop products are high in healthy fatty acids, completely free of refined sugar, dairy and even whole wheat. Gluten-rich grains are replaced by gluten-free flours. Sugar is replaced by dates, figs and honey. In the protein power range Carbohydrates are kept under 10 grams and whey protein isolate is used to improve the carbohydrate to protein ratio.?

Must try: Almond cookies, Peanut Butter Slices, Chocolate stacks, Peanut Bites, Chia + Flaxseed Slices, Chocolate Mousse.

3. Apple A day:

?An apple a day keeps the doctor away,? is a proverb we are familiar with since our childhood, which stresses the importance of fresh fruits for our daily nutrition and well being. Plus, they are tasty. But in our fast paced life, we frequently resort to fruit juices instead, either at a popular juice parlor or from a supermarket in a tetra pack. Both the options more often than not contain added colour and preservatives.

That?s why we give you an alternative -- Apple A Day, a juice parlor in Mumbai which promises you fresh fruit juices without any added sugar and preservatives. And, unlike the other two, Apple A Day has an peppy looking kiosk where you can sit and sip on your favourite smoothie.

?I personally dislike places which offer juices with too much sugar added. It takes away from the nutrition value of the fruits,? says a spokesperson from the juice shop. ?Thus we at Apple A Day always strive to keep the essence of the fruits.?

Must Try: The mixed juices

4. Just Unjunk

 Let?s face it, who doesn?t like an occasional dose of fast food in their lives? Be it pizza, fried chicken or pasta from the MNC joints or the good old pakoras and samosas by the street,  junk food is something you can?t avoid for long.  And once you do, all your efforts at that new dieting fad go to waste.  

Thus the peeps at Just Unjunk have added a new twist to their menu and unjunked all the popular fast food items on it.

 ?Any food me by itself is not a junk food, but it is the method of preparation that makes it one,? says the food chain?s co-founder Yash Bhatia.  

?Take a samosa for an example. A fried samosa is unhealthy indeed but you can unjunk it by baking it which also retains the taste,? states Yash. 

He cofounded Just Junk with Divyesh Panchal and today it serves health conscious foodies in Mumbai?s Bandra and Lokhandwala Andheri areas through its two outlets. Walk in any time of the day and don?t be surprised if you bump into a celeb from the film and television industry.

Must try: Multi-grain Panini sandwiches

5. Diet N Taste

?Diet and Taste? -- these two juxtaposed words are what this outlet offer to its customers. A healthy menu keeping in mind the needs of the diet conscious foodies without compromising the taste. A favourite of many regulars who frequent this joint, Diet N Taste has garnered popularity amongst the fitness freaks in the city. With its wide range of of mouth watering delicacies it excels at maintaining quality, even  during heavy traffic hours. Among its fans is TV actor, anchor and celebrity Rithvik Dhanjani who mentions it as his favourite place to eat in the suburb of Andheri. 

Must try: The continental dishes

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