This pandemic has shown that planning is meaningless: FCB Ulka’s Anindya Banerjee

MUMBAI: In these unprecedented times, it is easy to lose focus and develop a sense of anxiety or fear. Hence, people around the globe are utilising their lockdown time to invest in personal growth and learning skills. In a special interaction with, FCB Ulka executive creative director Anindya Banerjee shares some of his favourite activities, new skills he learnt during lockdown and more.


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Telemedicine gets much-needed boost due to Covid2019

MUMBAI: Covid2019 has forced the entire medical workforce to focus on just the pandemic creating a shortage of clinics and hospitals for other medical needs. This has trained the lens on telemedicine as an alternative option. Telemedicine is a tool that allows a patient to consult a respective Medical Council verified doctor 24*7, from anywhere in the country.

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Sri Adhikari Brothers Initiative 2.0 to enable migrant workers to show hidden talent

MUMBAI: While India is battling Covid2019 at its forefront, unemployment has shaken the very core of its economy and its impact is likely to change the dynamics of its labour force essentially of migrant workers. To imbibe the PM’s thought of AtmaNirbharata, Sri Adhikari Brothers has opened a gateway of employment, to the less fortunate migrant workers who have been rendered jobless, through Sri Adhikari Brothers Initiative 2.0.

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Value and innovation are essential for brands in the post-pandemic recession

MUMBAI: Persistent safety concerns, financial pressures and sticky new behaviours mean consumers will not return to pre-pandemic behaviour any time soon. Marketers will need to pivot to finding growth in recession, delivering increasing value in the short-term to address growing economic concerns while innovating their way to sustained relevancy as behaviours and priorities change long-term.

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Kerala ad market pins hopes on Onam to bring respite

NEW DELHI: The South Indian ad market is a flourishing one, moving on an upward trajectory for the past decade. In 2019, it accounted for 30.7 per cent of the overall ad expenditures in India, as revealed by TAM AdEx’s Southside story report, contributing Rs 21,500 crore to the industry. Kerala market alone contributed Rs 4200 crore to the pie. 

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Covid2019 uplifts health insurance sector, but premium segment sees decline

NEW DELHI: With the Covid2019 health crisis surging, the concern for health and wellbeing is at an all-time high. While other sectors saw revenues spiral downward, the health insurance sector saw the highest collection during the pandemic when compared to even FY18 and FY19.

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Zee Entertainment undertakes national-level CSR drive for Covid2019 cause

MUMBAI:  Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL)  announced a national-level CSR drive towards enhancing the country’s healthcare infrastructure, further strengthening its fight against Covid2019.

In line with its CSR Policy, approved by the board, the company will support state governments and local governing bodies with critical interventions across 10 cities viz Mumbai, Noida, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai. 

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How Covid2019 is fast-tracking digital transformation in experiential marketing

Consume or connect ? We didn’t know it at the time but somewhere in the middle of March we all got enrolled in a digital bootcamp. Covid2019 didn’t fast track digital transformation, it literally beamed us into the future. I have never witnessed such far-reaching change at such a pace.

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Lung health in the times of Covid2019

Covid2019 has been majorly classified as a virus that harms the respiratory system, and like other respiratory syndromes, places moderate strain on the lungs. Our lungs processes and helps in the distribution of oxygen in the body which is essential to sustain life. It is therefore extremely important to ensure lung health, especially during these times, in order to be able to put up a fight against the infection that mostly takes the respiratory route to enter the person.

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Brands show human side amidst Covid2019 crisis

NEW DELHI: While the Covid2019 pandemic came out as probably the most devastating blow to the business world as well as to the society, it also brought forth a number of heartening stories of human kindness and support. Be it the on-ground coverage that several news reporters are doing or the warm hospitality that the hospital staff and police personnel are showing, or the exceptional support that several social workers and famous personalities have extended to the underprivileged, we saw humanity raising its head high on many occasions.

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