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The Indian CAB&SAT Reporter's : Breaking News

Weekly programming block 'Hallmark Channel Special' to launch on ATV World in Hong Kong Team

(30 August 2002 8:40 pm)

HONG KONG: The Hallmark Channel is about to launch a weekly two-hour programming block showcasing original productions on Hong Kong's terrestrial network, ATV World Channel from 1 September 1, 2002.

The block has been titled Hallmark Channel Special and is to be shown every Sunday during primetime, offering high quality original Hallmark productions to the 1.5 million TV homes in Hong Kong, an official release says. Hallmark Channel currently serves 19 million households in the Asia Pacific region.

Hallmark Channel Special will showcase Emmy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated television movies and mini-series that provide entertainment for the entire family. This special block will launch with the premiere of the well-known Hallmark original The Monkey King.

Another mini-series never before seen in Hong Kong, which will premiere on the block is The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells. This ambitious new mini-series brings to life the futuristic visions as seen by HG Wells in his novels The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, with an inventive speculation on the origins of his brilliant flights of fantasy.

Hallmark Channel Special will also showcase such favourite Hallmark originals as Alice In Wonderland (Whoopi Goldberg), Moby Dick (Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck), Merlin (Sam Neil, Isabella Rossellini and Helena Bonham Carter), Gulliver's Travels (Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen), Odyssey (Armand Assante and Vanessa Williams), The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (Randy Quaid), Noah's Ark (Jon Voight) and The 10th Kingdom (John Larroquette).

Commenting on the launch Hung Shuen Shuen, Controller of ATV World Channel said: "ATV World Channel has shown Hallmark original mini-series over the past few years. These original movies and mini-series like Alice In Wonderland and The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns have always been popular with our viewers in Hong Kong. We are hence privileged to formally launch the Hallmark Channel Special on ATV World Channel. We hope that this Special Block will enrich our programming, provide a wider viewing option for our viewers and provide entertainment for the entire family."

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