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Simi rendezvous reclusive Rekha on her show
Indiantelevision.com Team
(7 May 2004 2:30 pm)

In a coup of sorts, Rekha is to give here first-ever TV interview on the talk show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal.

The 90-minute programme will be telecast in two episodes on 5 June and 13 June.

The show will run through Rekha's entire life. The actress also talks about Amitabh Bachchan and the impact he has on her life.

"This is going to be my 110th episode and it was one of my toughest ones. We go through Rekha's transition from childhood to adolescence when she joined movies, then adulthood, marriage, widowhood, then the influence of Bachchan and her search for her father," Simi has been quoted as saying in a press release.

"Rekha has constantly refused to come on television. And at the end of my rendezvous, she says this will be her only TV interview," she added.

As the current series of Rendezvous comes to an end, Simi is a satisfied person with the amount of progress that her show has made. "I've enjoyed every moment of the seven-year experience. I've learnt something from everybody I've interviewed," Simi says.

"Especially memorable have been my interviews with the Bachchans, both individually and as a family. Interviewing the whole Bachchan family together was a unique experience. They had never been seen together on television before," she adds.

Simi also loved interviewing AR Rahman, Waheeda Rehman and most recently Dev Anand.


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