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Zee to premier 21st series of 'Kabhie- Kabhie'- 'Khwaish'
Indiantelevision.com Team
(6 March 2004 5:00 pm)
Zee TV will debut Khwaish, the 21st series of Kabhie Kabhie, on 4 March at 8 pm. The three episodes series starring Mouli Ganguly, Joy Sengupta and Anoop Soni tells a tale about a young girl who gets tricked into marrying a handicapped man, in the bargain sacrificing her true love.

According to a company release, Khwaish is the story of Shaheen (Mouli Ganguly), a young girl and how she fights her emotional dilemma involving her handicapped husband and her former lover.

Jafar (Joy Sengupta) is a handicapped guy living with his two brothers and their wives. He is constantly traumatised by his brothers. In order to save their pride in the society and to portray a false picture of being good to their handicaped brother they get him married to a very poor girl Shaheen (Mouli Ganguly).

Shaheen is in love with Sarfaraz (Anoop Soni), but due to his poor condition, he is unable to get married to her. Sarfaraz convinces her to get married to Jafar to help her family's financial condition. He tells her that one-day when he has adequate amount of money he would come to her rescue and marry her.

With the bad treatment she receives from her in-laws, to her brother-in-laws misbehaving with her, Shaheen decides to call it quits and move out of the house. But soon discovers that she has put her parents in much more jeopardy and with no other option, returns to her in-laws house.

Jafar offers to help her in escaping from the house, but is caught red handed and is beaten mercilessly. Shaheen for the first time lashes out at all of them for being so inhuman towards Jafar and warns them that if it was ever repeated, they would face serious consequences at her hands. Shell-shocked, with her behavior everybody remains silent, and Jaffar's days no more remain the same.

Now, whether Shaheen wins over Jafar's love or whether she returns to her earlier lover is to been seen 4th march onwards.

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