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Discovery to unravel mystery surrounding Alexander's death
Indiantelevision.com Team
( 25 March 2004 4:00 pm)

So, who killed Alexander the great? Discovery channel, with its new investigative reports is all set to unravel the 2300-year-old mystery surrounding the death of one of the greatest leaders of all time, Alexander the Great. The channel will air the special series- Who killed Alexander the great, on Discovery Sunday on 28 March 2004 at 7:00 pm.

Using cutting edge technology and old-fashioned detective work, the channel will study life of an emperor whose relentless determination and boundless ambition saw him defeat armies five times greater than his own and he remains the only Westerner ever to conquer Afghanistan, says a company release.

Was it his love for liquor or was it a friend?

But more than his conquest, what was astonishing is his death at age 32. A Discovery Channel co-production with the makers of The Assassination of King Tut, the programme will have the world's top forensic experts uncover the truth behind Alexander's early death - did he die from disease and excessive drinking, was he murdered or is there another explanation that no one has considered before? The infotainment channel hopes to provides fresh insights into the life and death of Alexander, reliving the mastery and madness of the man, who is said to have achieved the impossible.

The mystery begins with two different historical accounts of Alexander's last days. Both agree that Alexander took 12 days to die and that in his final days he was barely able to move from his deathbed. But one version claims he died of a fever following heavy drinking, while the other is more sinister, suggesting that he suffered a slow, agonizing death by poisoning.

Detective John Grieve (Scotland Yard's former Deputy Assistant Commissioner) and his team of experts tried to uncover the mystery. In the course of his investigation, Detective Grieve traveled to Alexander's homeland in Ancient Macedonia, gaining vital information about his military exploits, leadership skills and the political intrigue that surrounded the royal victim, says the release.

The world's leading forensic psychologist, Dr. Harold Bursztajn of Harvard Medical School will provide insight into Alexander's complex character to explain how Alexander inspired both fear and jealousy within his intimate circle of companions.

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