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Zee to premier 16th series of 'Kabhie- Kabhie'- 'Agnipariksha'
Indiantelevision.com Team
(22 January 2004 7:00 pm)

Zee TV will debut Agnipariksha, the 16th series of Kabhie Kabhie, on 22 January at 8 pm. The three episodes series is mordern day 'Ramayana' story. Starring Rajat Kapoor, Aarti Bahl and Suhasini Muley, the series is a story of about a successful politician Raghav Rai (Rajat Kapoor) and his wife Janaki (Aarti Bahl).

When Janaki gets abducted by the terrorists, Raghav refuses to bow down to their demands, instead choses country's safety. Meanwhile, at the terrorist camp, Iqbal (Rajesh Khera)- the leader of the terrorist group- gets injured during an encounter. Janaki helps him to recover thus encouraging Iqbal to adopt a sympathetic stance towards her. He therfore decides to release her.

While the family is jubilant to see their daughter-in-law, Raghav's mother (Suhasini Muley) demands that Janaki prove her 'purity'. Despite Raghav being against the idea, Janaki gets herself medically tested and the reports turn out to be negative.

Janaki convince Raghav to help the terrorist after educating him about their problems and hardships. But his followers, opposition party are aghast by his stand. When the opposition, in a bid to maligns his name spread the rumour about Janaki's illicit relationship with Iqbal, his mother demanded that he seprates from his wife, to consolidate his position in the party politics.

Janaki, meanwhile, gets fed up with the hipocracy and decides to leave her house.

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