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Hallmark to air Emmy nominated 'Homeless to Harvard'
Indiantelevision.com Team
(7 November 2003 3:30 pm)

It's all about great strories on the Hallmark Channel, this November.

With the catchline boasting 'Where great Stories come to life!', the channel thrives on the human interest stories, stories that showcase courage, mystery, peace, revolution and insights. On 16 November, Sunday, at 10:15 pm, the English movie and entertainment channel will premiere Homeless to Harvard, the 2003 Emmy nominated movie.

Starring Emmy nominee 2003 Thora Birch and Makyla Smith, the movie is a true story of a young girl who doesn't let down to tragedy but has the courage to control her life.

Beside Homeless..., the other highlights of the month include Christina Hendricks, Barabara Hershey, Susan May Pratt starrer Hunger Point. Scheduled to air on Sunday 9 November at 10:15 pm, the movie is a powerful insight into the world of eating disorders.

Next in line is Returning Lily, which will premiere on Sunday 23 November at 10:15 pm. Starring Virginia Madson and Jason Momoa, the movie narrates the story of a workaholic mother and wife, who after the loss of a dearest friendembarks on a journey to rediscover the meaning of life.

Last is Crown Heights, starring DeQuan Henderson and Jeremy Blackman, the movie is based on actual events in the 1991 New York race riots. The movie will air on Sunday 30 November at 10.15 pm.

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