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Channel [V] to pay tribute to R D Burman this July Team

(3 July 2003 4:00 pm)

Even after his death, almost a decade ago, R D Burman aka Panchamda continues to enchant a generation of viewers. Channel [V] will be paying tribute to this music genius in the month of July. He is the Star music arm's The chosen one of the month.

Pumping in a unique dash of pep and verve in to the Hindi film music, R D Burman invigorated the 60's scene. He has been credited as the first music director to bring Rock n' Roll to Hindi tunes and creating a brand of music so distinctly his own. He continues to live amidst the heart of music lovers inspiring a spate of remixes. Even entire films have been made as tribute to him. Channel [V] will take its viewers down memory lane through the melodies in the life of Panchamda.

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