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Daily News headlines's Tube Talk

Haqeeqat celebrates first birthday on Sahara TV

(Posted on 30 May 2002 3:30 pm)

Sahara TV's serial on human rights violations will be completing one year with the telecast of its 52nd episode on 18 June. Haqeeqat is telecast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.

Presented by the inimitable Mahesh Bhatt, the award-winning serial depicts real-life incidents of atrocities against human beings perpetrated by the state.The dramatised versions of the actual incidents, exposes how the law of the land, instead of protecting the innocent, perpetrates heinous crimes

against hapless victims, a press release states.

The atrocities are portrayed by talented theatre artistes who with their histrionic skills, depict the uglier side of the law.
Sahara TV vice president, Priya Raj says that Haqeeqat is thought provoking programme with a purpose and has helped to raise public awareness towards cases of human rights violations.

Directed by Saurav Narang, the serial recently won the 'Best Direction' award at the 27th Radio and TV Advertisers Practitioners' Association (RAPA) Awards.

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