Fashion One’s Latest Expansion Strengthens Dominance and Locks-in New Markets

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By Team Posted on : 27 Feb 2014 12:08 pm

MUMBAI: Fashion One LLC, has further enhanced its position as the premier international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle television broadcaster globally with the announcement today of ten new carriage agreements in nine countries.


In Southeast Asia, Fashion One began broadcasting a localized feed in Thai with TrueVisions, a leading pay TV platform in Thailand. The channel also announces today the launch of the channel in BigTV, the latest entrant and one of the largest satellite pay TV in Indonesia.


Fashion One’s CEO, Ashley Jordan, said, “These agreements strengthen our position across five continents including, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Our agreements with TrueVisions in Thailand, Orange TV in France, and with Belgacom TV and Telenet in Belgium, are major milestones in our expansion. This showcase our high quality, original content approach clearly appeals in these markets.”


Fashion One also secured a partnership with Sanoma Group’s Marie Claire and Feeling magazines to produce local content in Flemish for the local female audience about local fashion in the Belgium feed for Belgacom TV and Telenet. “The agreement with Sanoma is part of our considerable investment in local market. We look forward to apply the same model in different regions,” she added.


“We heavily invest in localization. Fashion is ‘global’ but audiences want to receive programming that relates to their region, culture and unique style, and is in their native language,” said Ms Jordan.


In South Africa, the network just renewed a multi-year deal with StarSat in South Africa, who receives the local African feed on the basic package, and the channel also announces today their expansion into Latin America with the launch of their Spanish feed on Cablevision in Mexico.


Other agreements announced today include Bulgaria, with VioRa Interactive; Poland, with Inea; Iceland through 365 Media; BigTV in Indonesia, and DU TV+ in the United Arab Emirates.


The international television network caters to the worldwide female audience, covering the very latest fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle news, profiles of A-list celebrities, luxury brands, holiday destinations and red carpet events. Fashion One also delivers a strong lineup of original programming from reality shows, documentaries, beauty tips and street styling.

Details of the new carriage agreements:

Indonesia: BigTV, the latest entrant and the largest satellite pay TV in Indonesia that provides the most HD channels in the country, carries Fashion One in all basic packages. Operating more than 153 SD channels and 24 HD channels, Big TV covers the whole country.


Thailand: TrueVisions, the country's leading subscription-based television operator, signed a deal to carry Fashion One in HD with a dedicated Thai feed. The channel (channel number 146) is available on the New PlatinumHD, New GoldHD, New SuperFamily and New SuperKnowledge packages.


Belgium: After the free trial period in summer, Telenet, the digital TV platform in Belgium, launched Fashion One on Rex & Rio packs with dedicated Flemish feed. Fashion One is also available on multiple devices with an uninterrupted and engaging viewing experience to the subscribers. This is the first time Fashion One has entered the Belgium market.


Belgacom TV, the IPTV platform of Belgium telco Belgacom, agrees to carry Fashion One on Digital Basic package for the Flanders and Brussels. The channel will deliver a dedicated Flemish feed.


Bulgaria: TiVi, the digital interactive TV platform provided by VioRa Interactive Company in Bulgaria, signed a deal to carry Fashion One. Fashion One’s SD channel is available on basic package and HD channel is available on extended package.


France: French IPTV operator Orange TV will broadcast Fashion One. The channel will be available on channel 160 and is available to all ASDL and Fibre subscribers starting January 2014. (To be confirmed)


Iceland: 365 Media, the mass media company operating TV channels, Pay TV, radio, newspaper and website, signed a deal to carry Fashion One in high-definition in “Veröld & 365 HD” package after the free trial period. This is the first time Fashion One has been available in the Icelandic market. “We are delighted to bring Fashion One to Iceland, through 365 Media, the largest multichannel operator in Iceland,” says Holmgeir Baldursson, CEO Video International, the representative for Fashion One in Iceland and the Republic of Ireland. “This is a very competitive market for channels, and the quality of the content is simply outstanding.”

Mexico: CableVision Monterrey carried Fashion One in Mexico. The Spanish localized HD feed launched on channel 956 starting February 2014.


Poland: Tesat, cable TV platform operating more than 130 digital channels and up to 20 HD channels, agreed to carry Fashion One in extended basic thematic package available in both SD and HD standard. The launch marks the channel’s further expansion in the country. Tesat merged with INEA (also carrying Fashion One) late last year.


United Arab Emirates: DU TV+ of DU, the United Arab Emirates' second-biggest telecoms operator, agreed to carry Fashion One in the basic package. The platform offers more than 200 local and international channels and offers on-demand and multi-platform digital TV services.

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