Experience the extravagant life in TLC’s new show 'Epic'

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 08 May 2014 12:05 pm

MUMBAI: India’s favourite lifestyle channel brings an all new season of EPIC that will feature the most expensive, excessive and outrageous extravagances people indulge in. The series will follow passionate individual that create the best and biggest way of life from massive log homes to fascinating American castles to high-tech over-the-top bathrooms, rotating houses or even backyards with private racetracks or sport courts suspended over cliffs,  and more. No price tag is too high and no obstacle too great to keep them getting exactly what they want.  If they can dream it, they will make it happen on a truly EPICscale!

EPIC will showcase the daydreamers who have taken their passion to another level with impressive prized possessions that involves expert craftsmanship, technology, and innovation. Premiering on May 16, EPIC will air every Friday at 9 PM only on TLC.

With eye-popping price tags over the million dollar mark, the recreational vehicles (RVs) featured this season have been transformed into mobile man-caves and mansions and tricked out with high tech gadgets that make every mile an adventure.Joining RVs for a second round in the series are more episodes featuring the cr?me de la cr?me of log homes.

Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager- South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan- Regional Ad Sales & Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “TLC continues to present the finest lifestyle experiencesto Indian audience. We are excited to bring some of the world’s most lavish possessions created by passionate group of individuals in our new series EPIC.”

Step aside, living rooms and kitchens, the home has a new star! Bathrooms are the new hot spots of modern homes and in EPIC, we take a look at bathrooms with six-figure fixtures to ceilings with stars, to hot tubs that steal the show and space age technology that demand top notch engineering. Other brand new episodes include backyards that feature pro race tracks to full sport courts, zip lines and underwater caves, beach homes with two story windows, outdoor showers and indoor rivers, and the smartest homes ever – they follow voice commands, feed the cat, shut out sunlight and even automatically trap intruders!

Viewers will also be amazed by EPIC’s ‘Home Builds’ episode that showcases a “flying saucer” house that spins, an underground dome and a 10-story tree house all of which are engineered and built by creative geniuses who never let reality dampen their wild imaginations.

If those homes don’t impress you, maybe a private island and personal paradise will! From a very private Florida Key with a pier that cost half a million bucks to Frank Llyod Wright house with a rooftop helipad, to a 3,000 acre nature preserve in Wisconsin – that’s the size of almost 2,270 American football fields – these islanders are enjoying every aspect of their home living.

Meet the passionate, determined and downright obsessed Americans who will stop at nothing to build the best, most elaborate places ever in some of the following episodes of EPIC:

Episode 1 – RVs 2

More Americans are taking to the open road in RVs than ever before, and the rigs are bigger and ‘badder’ than ever.  From a professional golfer who practices on a putting green inside his trailer, to a Hollywood star who ordered a double-wide soaking tub on his double-decker bus, life in these RVs is ingenious luxury on wheels.  

Episode 2 – Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the new “it” room of the house and people are going overboard to make these thrones fit for royalty.    From toilet  lids that open when you walk in the room, to showers that set their own water temperature and pressure to hand-pounded copper tubs worth thousands, bathrooms have gotten smart and sophisticated.  

Episode 3 – Tech Homes

The future is now in these EPIC high tech homes. Some are like being on a starship that answers voice commands and talks back to you; others make you feel part of a spy movie where the house protects you from intruders with dangerous gadgets straight out of James Bond.  

Episode 4 – Backyards

Backyards used to just have swing sets and wading pools… but not anymore. They’ve been transformed into five star resorts just outside the door. It’s all about fun and games, from a full size race car speedway to a complete replica of Fenway Park.  

Episode 5 – Beach Homes

Imagine living so close to the ocean you can hear dolphins and whales just outside your front door, or being able to walk along a sandy beach your backyard.  

Episode 6 – Private Islands

The owners of these private islands know what they want. Whether it’s the southernmost tip of the U.S. or the northern border just shy of Canada, an island in the Georgia marshes or the remote mountains of Montana, these owners are going the distance to get their very own piece of paradise.

Episode 7 – American Castles

You don’t need to travel to Europe to find truly amazing castles – there are plenty in Americathat run the gamut from Medieval to modern, and historic relics to contemporary compounds.

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