Sun TV Network signs ‘pay per view’ deal with iTunes and YouTube

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By Vishaka Chakrapani Posted on : 19 Mar 2014 07:43 pm

MUMBAI: In a major initiative, the south Indian broadcasting giant Sun TV has signed a mega deal with YouTube and iTunes to monetise its vast content libraries. The group’s proprietary content will be available to people across the globe on a ‘pay per view’ basis.

“Sun TV has a wide ranging repertoire of content, with its channels offering almost every genre of entertainment with the exception of sports and business news,” Sun TV group CFO SL Narayanan told He also added that a total of more than 25,000 hours of content would be available for viewing on both the platforms.

In a growing internet world, Sun TV is looking at creating a mark for itself through its variety of programming.

“This initiative positions Sun TV very well and much ahead of the shifts anticipated in buyer behavior with regard to consumption of entertainment services. More and more people are accessing content through mobile devices while on the move and over the internet. We believe that the revenues from these new formats could accelerate rapidly once smart phone penetration picks up in India,” says Narayanan.

Apart from these two distribution platforms, Sun TV has also inked a deal with Mumbai based Purple IFE to license its popular Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu programmes as in-flight entertainment on leading airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Etihad, Jet Airways, Oman Air, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways.

The broadcaster says these airlines carry a lot of south Indians who would consume its content.

According to industry sources, the network would be looking at making approximately Rs 15 to Rs 20 crore through both the deals depending upon the kind of content that it offers to viewers  and its currency.

"What's called as catch up TV - which is episodes being uploaded as soon as they go on air - has good revenue generating potential as compared to catalogue content which adds to the volumes," says a media observer. "Many of the TV shows are available on torrent sites online at no cost, which viewers download and watch. Sun TV can optimise its revenues on Youtube if it can attract viewers to its legitimate content - and away from these torrent sites."

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