CNN-IBN Living it Up: Skin

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By Team Posted on : 27 Aug 2014 04:02 pm

MUMBAI: CNN-IBN, India’s most awarded English news channel, is back with the eighth edition of Living it Up, a popular health and lifestyle show that focuses on the changing lifestyle of urban India that is leading to serious health consequences. The show also guides the viewers about the innovative ways in which they can lead a happier, healthier and stress-free life.

The fifth episode will be an ultimate guide to a healthy and beautiful skin. On the show, we will bust the myths about skin and show how problems like acne, wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation reflect there is something wrong inside us.  The episode will also tell viewers how to choose cosmetic products, how to make skin products at home and what are the super foods for skin.

Don’t miss ‘Living it Up’ on August 30th, Sat @ 11.30 AM & 08:30 PM and August 31st, Sun @ 12:30 PM & 7.30 PM, only on CNN-IBN.

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