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30 minutes - lives of transgenders

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By Team Posted on : 04 Jul 2014 02:10 pm

MUMBAI: This weekend, CNN-IBN’s flagship documentary show 30 Minutes throws spotlight on the lives of transgenders. With the Supreme Court’s judgment to recognize the third gender, the show finds out if this section of the society is hopeful about the judgment or not. IBN’s special correspondent Priyali Sur meets the transgenders earning a living through sex work, begging and activism and finds out if they are confident about joining the mainstream and claiming the jobs reserved for them, and more importantly if our society is willing to accept them.


Don’t miss this special show on Saturday, 5th July, 2014 @ 8:00 PM, followed by a repeat telecast on Sunday, 6th July, 2014 @ 12 Noon & 9:30 PM, only on CNN-IBN.


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