PIX’s focus is on social media conversations to build the channel

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 03 Mar 2014 06:18 pm

Saurabh Yagnik

A  viewer is neutral to genres and consumes content that addresses his need state.

In the English movie space nearly three-fourth of the viewership is driven by males and nearly three-fifth of this is driven by the age group 16 - 29 years.

Choices of content consumption for males and particularly young males are driven by elements like talkability, recency, topical themes, current affairs and what appears to be cool. Coupled with it is the inherent need for speed, thrill and adrenaline rush.

By nature, the audience set we deal with is and likes to be spoilt for choice – his options are television, malls, multiplexes, hangouts, coffee shops et al. A viewer would feel “claustrophobic” in case they were told that there is only so much that you can get.

While dealing with creating loyalty the trick is giving more rather than restricting choice.  The inherent desire is to experiment before settling for anything specific. Also, for the younger male, the concept of “badge value” and a “cool hangout” are important to make anything a destination of choice. It is accordingly, our constant endeavour to be a companion of relevance to the viewer.

(Saurabh Yagnik is Executive Vice President & Business Head – PIX at Multi Screen Media)

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