‘B for Change’ is Bindass’ way to transform youth

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 04 Feb 2014 02:42 pm

MUMBAI: Change is good, it’s said. Playing along the age-old adage is the youth entertainment channel – Bindass that has launched a new brand film – ‘B for Change’, that in one minute 56 seconds, captures the sentiments of today’s youth who wants to explore but at the same time don’t hesitate in going forward to bring about a change.

So if the film showcases two guys who love partying but become heroes on social media after exposing a traffic police constable accepting bribe, it also shows a cool chick – uninterested in studies – making a mark as a tattoo artist.   

The film, which captures multiple stories of the sort, is an effort from the channel to make its ‘Restless’ youth audience, an ‘Enabler of Purposive Action’. The new campaign is a progression from its previous ‘Restless’ concept.

The film directed by Prashant Madan along with Bindass Creative Services (OAP Team) with inputs from the Disney UTV channel network, was also launched on YouTube and has garnered close to 11,000 views within a week.

“The ad film is not preachy and yet fresh. It doesn’t force the youth to do anything and yet instills that feeling of doing something,” says Disney UTV VP, head of marketing Shikha Kapur and adds that the film stands for the change that the youth wants to see around them. “The message is simple, you can change, if you want to and Bindass can be the enabler of that. We are not an institution to push you to change, but we are a channel that is with you to incept the change in you,” she remarks.

Interestingly, the ad film is not all, multiple activities are being planned under the campaign, ‘B for Change’. The channel will take the thought forward with other initiatives that would also include the inculcation of the idea in its programming. The channel plans to launch new shows around the concept.

Quiz Kapur if the channel has shifted its positioning and she says, “Restless by nature, conscience and heart is a step before change. It is a step before taking an action. So this was a natural progression into restless becoming far more significant, as it now has become the ‘Enabler of change’. I don’t see this as a shift or change in positioning. It is a natural progression of a brand from being restless to getting into action.”

A lot of research has been put by the channel to come out with the tagline. “It took us almost three to four months to finalise this. The entire process and journey has been thought through,” remarks Kapur.

The film, which has been created by the in-house creative team of the channel, touches on all aspects of the youth’s life. Kapur says that the youth has a dual personality. “The youth of the country is not just about change, it is also about fun, attitude and partying.”

While currently the ad campaign is being promoted through Disney UTV network, the channel will use other media vehicles as well in the coming weeks for an inclusive 360-degree campaign. “We will be looking at doing print, outdoor, in-theatre and radio campaign,” informs Kapur.

The campaign targets the youth – both urban and in small town as the channel doesn’t want to distinguish. “The campaign doesn’t talk about the kind of people or the demographic it is relevant to. We want to reach out to maximum number of youth,” affirms Kapur.  

To augment the campaign’s penetration, a website – www.bforchange.com has also been launched. “The website will help people to look for the options they have to bring about the change. 50-60 NGOs have partnered with us and from different fields. People visiting the website have the chance to volunteer for any of these,” concludes Kapur.

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