A tale of intense action and selfless love on Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 03 Apr 2014 02:31 pm

MUMBAI: It’s a bright sunny day and Sameer as usual is up to some trick or pulling a prank on someone. It seems like a regular day for him and his family that lives at the border but that is far from the truth. He is unaware that he is being watched. Every movement, every step that he takes is being monitored. Someone is keeping a close watch on him. And then, there’s a transformation, something changes. The happy go lucky and the aimless Sameer’s life has turned 360 degree on the axis. Why has Sameer changed? It’s a world of illusion at the border…Life OK, India’s fastest growing General Entertainment Channel launches a first of its kind drama thriller series, Nadaan Parinde that will have viewers on the edge.

Naadan Parinde explores the thrilling and captivating journey of an Indian family living at the border. The story brings alive the reality that nothing is what it seems at the border and for the people living there it is a life full of surprises and challenges. To capture the drama and the essence of the storyline effectively and extensively, Life OK moved its entire show production including the crew and artistes right in the heart of a real village in Punjab. The channel set up an entire new ecosystem in the village across multiple locations for its narrative giving the viewers a chance to enjoy the real mustard fields of Punjab, the dhaabas and the spirit of the people of the village who also lend their support to Life OK to make Nadaan Parinde a reality.

The show will also open up a new slot at 6.30 pm for the channel, thereby extending Life OK’s prime time programming from 6.30pm to 11 pm. With this show the channel is also targeting the prime time slot of 9pm, giving its viewers a double treat.

Sharing his thoughts on the show, Ajit Thakur, General Manager of Life OK says,” Life OK has always been conscious of creating content that breaks the clutter and gives viewers a chance to experience different stories. With Nadaan Parinde we have gone a step ahead in our endeavour by creating an entirely new ecosystem for the show in a small village of Kharar near Punjab,  far away from the comfort and convenience of Mumbai studios. It is a conscious decision that we have taken to give the viewers the feel and look of a real village that is set near the border. With this we are also challenging ourselves as we open up the series with dual timings; a new slot at 6.30 pm and the existing 9:00 pm space.”

With a gripping narrative, we will surprise the audiences with never seen before thrilling elements and moments. With this we are also challenging ourselves as we open up the series with dual timings; a new slot at 6.30 pm and the existing 9:00 pm space.”

Nadaan Parinde is produced by Imtiaz Punjabi and his company Scaling Heights. A story that will inspire and hold the viewers’ attention with its lead characters; Sameer played by Karan Rajpal as a happy go lucky and affable boy who lives life to the fullest, Meher portrayed by Gulki Joshi who is Sameer’s childhood friend, is progressive in thoughts and wants Sameer to make a mark for himself and Bebe played by Tanushree Kaushal who embodies the love of a mother who is not only protective but also stands by her child even amidst many a dark secrets.

Starting 7th April, Nadaan Parinde will premiere on Life OK every Monday to Friday at 6:30pm and 9:00pm

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