Star World Premiere HD goes gaga over ‘Mad Men’

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By Team Posted on : 12 Apr 2014 01:41 pm

MUMBAI: Star World Premiere HD has announced that it will air the sixth season of the iconic TV series on 12 and 13 April, prior to the premiere of the seventh season, which will air on 14 April.

With this strategy the channel is offering its viewers a great opportunity to catch up on the last season before they take a plunge into the season premiere of the award winning drama about one of New York's most prestigious advertising agencies. The first episode of the season will air on the channel a mere 12 hours after its US premiere. 

The series, set in the 60’s has garnered a cult following over the years. In the last six seasons, the series has covered a lot of the 1960s and will now enter a new decade.

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