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Indiantelevision.com's TV Technology Update
MicroDisplay's LCOS selected by Uneed for HDTV
Indiantelevision.com Team
(14 June 2004 2:00 pm)

MicroDisplay which manufactures Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) components, has announced a deal with Korea-based Uneed Systems a vendor of high definition television (HDTV) projection engines, televisions and monitors.

Uneed has selected MicroDisplay's E-WX 1280x720 single panel LCOS for use in its rear projection television products. The E-WX device is a high-resolution 1 megapixel LCOS microdisplay optimised for high performance single-panel projection applications. The display was designed for high quality optical engine architectures with 30-bit color and a high contrast ratio of over 800:1.

The E-WX device enables a smooth continuous image to end users due to its fast 1ms liquid crystal switching speed and very high 540Hz field sequential refresh rates. The Uneed LCOS single panel projection engine supports HD resolution (1280x720p) and enables pixel-to-pixel mapped HDTV signal reproduction while providing perfect colour convergence and a natural colour image.

In conjunction with the E-WX LCOS, the projection engine eliminates all motion and colour artifacts. Uneed's HD projection TV/Monitor integrates all of
the features of the E-WX device and the Uneed projection engine, and offers a crystal-clear 16:9 wide screen high definition display, hyper progressive
scan, and picture-in-picture or double screen capability.

The combination of the compact, low component count LCOS projection engine from Uneed, and MicroDisplay's patented single panel E-WX chip enables physically shallower and lighter, yet higher performing HDTVs for today's size-conscious consumer product market. Having completed a high volume manufacturing design, Uneed is ready to ramp up production of the optical engine and television for a number of demanding brand name customers.

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