Zubin Driver : Creative Director, Cell Communications


Name: Zubin Driver

Designation: Creative Director, Cell Communications

Sun Sign: 19 February 1970 half Pisces, full Aquarius

Educational Experience

I did my Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Then I pursued post graduation in Literature from Mumbai University.

Professional Experience

I have been in a number of MNC agencies in India. Each of them were great learning experiences. Lowe, TBWA, O&M and Madison are a few of the agencies I have worked with.

My last Advertising agency assignment was with TBWA Mumbai as a creative director. I left TBWA to form Cell Communications in September 2002.

As a creative director at the Cell, the task that I was assigned to involved handling all of CNBC TV18's communication needs: advertising, DM, branding and internal communication. The aim was to achieve focused, hard-working and clutter-breaking advertising that would actively move a brand.

In the last few months, Cell Communications has evolved into an independent brand and design consultancy that now handles large brands outside the CNBC -TV 18 family. Our list of clients include CNBC TV18, a New York based magazine Mantram, business & financial services portal based in India - Moneycontrol.com, all the products in the IL&FS portfolio, IL&FS Mutual Funds and Beauty Without Cruelty - BWC.

The field record

In May 2003, Cell Communications decided to pitch in the open market as an independent brand and design consultancy. We pitched for IL&FS Mutual Fund and bagged the account after a two week long process. We have launched the IL&FS Growth and Value Fund campaign in June 2003. It is a multi-city and multi-media campaign including Press, Hoardings, TVC and Email.

Meanwhile, in May 2003, Cell Communications was also approached by the Reliance Corporate office to do a re-design project for their corporate communication brochures. We delivered in record time and the brochures are in print.

In keeping with our unique approach to work, we decided to offer our services to an NGO. We now handle BWC, Beauty Without Cruelty, a well-respected NGO working in the area of prevention of cruelty to animals and the promotion of vegetarianism.

Television as career choice

Television has exciting possibilities. It is an evolving category in India. The idea of starting an in-house creative and brand consultancy was very challenging.

Current Television scenario

It is very fascinating. Increased segmentation, fierce competition... the most interesting phenomena being the emergence of so many news channels. It will be great fun tracking their progress.

On the television software front, specially soaps etc, we've seen not too much progess on original ideas and great scripts but the industry is picking up...of course and how CAS will change everyone's lives...another big question is how will the mass entertainment channels build differentiators over time, will individual programmes compete on conflicting time bands, where will the brand war be played out, how is the consumer going to react to proliferation and over selling from channels....will inherent brand values of a channel make any difference or will increased commodification make the whole game even more ruthless and fickle.

Right and wrong about current marketing scenario

Simply put, what is right is the freedom that channels have been given and what's wanting is quality, delivery and responsible reporting. We still have some work to do.

Some news channels are still in the 'sensationalist' phase, they need to evolve into deeper analysis and quality perspective, while others are just mirroring the lowest common denominator for mass viewership. Such channels generally compromise on the holistic perspective. Training of personnel in the industry is a huge issue. Channels need to invest in their intellectual capital, rather than physical capital. That's where we lack as compared to some of the older foreign channels. On the other hand, a lot of India based channels have found their own unique voice and are bonding strongly with their viewers. It's a dynamic and fascinating scenario.

Five years from now

On a six month cruise somewhere in the middle of the Pacific....


Writing, theatre, reading, walking and watching people.

Idea of enjoyment

Chilling with a lovely book on a rainy day.

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