Vineeta Nair : Art director, Lowe Worldwide


Name: Vineeta Nair

Profession: Art director, Lowe Worldwide

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Educational Experience

It would have been much more fun had I not been so serious about studies. But what did I know? After tenth in Mumbai, my family rushed me to Kerala in futile hopes of turning me into a doctor. So, did my XII with science and came back to Mumbai to do my commercial arts. After five years of work in various agencies, I thought I should get back to academia. So XIC( Xavier Institute of Communications) - journalism happened. I really enjoyed running to college after work, though life got really stressful at times. But it was completely worth it.

Job Profile

As an arts person and creative executive - one is totally responsible for the way the brand communication looks. Creating a look, seeing that that the 'look' is reflected in every piece of communication- right from a leaflet to a print ad. It requires a thorough understanding of the brand; its equity; all it stands for and primarily who it's talking to. It entails everything from conceptualising the idea, to executing it and in the process spending countless hours in front of computers, going for shoots - not to mention spending nights at processing houses.

Advertising as a career

Advertising can be really rewarding if you do not loose focus. It is an industry which gives you the opportunity of doing very well at all stages of your career. It is probably one of the few industries where everything doesn't begin and end with hierarchy. All it takes is to be young at heart and at work and remain that way.

Current Advertising Scenario

After hearing the word recession for some three years now, it looks like things are finally looking up. In terms of consumers being advertising savvy, we have a long way to go and till that happens we will keep coming up against "the guy in Bihar won't understand!"

Five years from now

Five years is a very long time. It would be a crime to draw a plan for that long and spend five years trying to toe that line. The joy in life comes with surprises. But yes, I intend to get into writing. However, I don't get the time at all now.


Reading all kinds of stuff - sublime to the ridiculous, depending on my mood. Poetry, writing, classical music, painting, doodling on the computer trying out new things.

Idea of enjoyment

Not 'having' to do anything but doing it for the sheer joy of it.

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