Vinay Kanchan : Client Servicing Director - Everest


Name: Vinay Kanchan

Designation: Client Servicing Director - Everest

Sun Sign: Taurus

Educational Experience

M.M.S. from NMIMS.

B.E. (Electronics) from Mumbai University.

Professional Experience

Lintas (June 1995- Jan 1999);[Accounts] Joined as management trainee in June 1995 and left as Account Manager in Jan 1999.

Mudra (Feb. 1999- May 2001); [Accounts] Joined as Associate Account Director in Feb 1999 and left as Account Director in May 2001.

Everest (June 2001- present day); Client Servicing Director.

Job Profile

As a Client Servicing Director, I'm in charge of navigating the brand through the troubled waters called the Indian market during the course of which I get to crack wise puns about being 'all at sea' etc. etc.

Advertising as career choice

After exposure to red kryptonite drained me of my super powers, there remained no other fulfilling noble purpose in life, save trying to manipulate peoples opinions and getting them to buy brands that they did not need. It was just my way of getting back at nature. Hence advertising.

Current advertising scenario

Improving. There seems a genuine shift towards a more creative approach at involving the consumer. Traditional heavyweights that used to think that there was no bigger idea than the big budget are actually now doing great work. On the whole Indian advertising is coming of age.

Right and wrong about current advertising scenario

What is wrong - well the overuse of research and the lack of application of common sense, as Ogilvy once wisely said most people use research as a drunkard uses a lamp post , 'for a crutch and not for illumination.'

The steps I would take to change that? Well.... hire a commando squad to take out all the research agencies, but seriously... just try and incorporate a more common sensical approach to advertising wherever and with whoever I work.

What is right - the lack of formality, things like everyone calling even the senior most people by their first name. A trend that manifests itself in most other industries now but I feel was first started by advertising.

Five years from now

Firstly far away from the computer from where I am filing in my replies. But seriously I don't know. I believe in taking one day at a time.


I love playing and watching Soccer, and generally getting my kicks, following sport of any kind, writing and doodling.

Idea of enjoyment

Definitely not filling in a questionnaire. Playing soccer, chilling out with friends and family, watching an idea that I have worked on getting through, watching an expense voucher being passed without too many questions.

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