Shruti Veeramachineni : 3D Animator - United Studios Ltd.


Name: Shruti Veeramachineni

Designation: 3D Animator - United Studios Ltd.

Sun Sign: Taurus, 29 April 1982

Educational Experience

After I finished my tenth, I convinced my dad to let me join ZICA (Zed Institute of Creative Arts), which is India's first full fledged institute for animation film-making in Hyderabad.

My dad told me that if I was very sure that I wanted to do this then he had no problems.

So I did a three year course in classical animation (2D animation). I've also done a one and a half year course in 3D animation and digital effects from the Vancouver Film School.

Professional Experience

While I was in ZICA, I worked on India's first animation-cum-live film, Bhagmati which was written and directed by Ashok Kaul and produced by Zee Institute of Creative Arts & Studios. Every frame of the one and a half hour animation part, was hand drawn by our team.

I also work on TV ads. Apart from that I've made a couple of my own short films. I am currently working on my next short film which is about my sister and will be done by November. I hope to send it to the festivals.

Animation as career choice

My uncle was working with Sun Graphics and since childhood I was very interested in cartoons and animation. I was good at drawing and wanted to seriously take that up as a career. This was the best way to do it.

Current animation scenario In India the classical or 2D animation (drawing on paper) scenario is really good but 3D animation (fully computerised) needs to buck up.

Five years from now

I want to put up my own animation company in Hyderabad because that is where home is. And probably open a branch here in Mumbai once that gets kick started.


I love writing poems especially for my sister. Ice roller skating is also something that I really enjoy.

Idea of enjoyment

It depends on the occasion. It can be different things at different times. I love going on road trips.

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