Ritabrata Saha : Junior copywriter - J Walter Thompson (Kolkata)


Name: Ritabrata Saha

Designation:  Junior copywriter - J Walter Thompson (Kolkata)

Sun Sign: Capricorn, 30 December 1978

Educational Experience

To begin with, I was born in Goa. Stayed in interesting places like Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Bombay and Kolkata.

I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bombay. Took science after my twelfth and got enrolled in Ruia College for a B Sc degree. Then came to Kolkata right in the middle of the year because my father got transferred. There I got enrolled in Netaji Nagar College and did B Com with honours in accountancy.

After that it was time for some post graduate diplomas... so I did mass communication from the University of Calcutta.

Professional Experience

I was always very fascinated by the media and I still have a dream of working for National Geographic or Discovery some day as a travel correspondent. The reason being... my love affair with the Himalayas.

I did my internship at The Hindustan Times from April 2001 and continued writing there till January 2002.

But somehow reporting for the press wasn't exciting me enough creatively. I mean... it was the same day-to-day hard reality stories. I also tried my hand at soft news like fashion and night life... only to be completely turned off.

I worked in Ogilvy & Mather (Kolkata) for three months. Got a first hand knowledge of what the advertising business was all about. The accounts I worked mainly on were Hutch, GKB Opticals, British Council, Bisk Farm and a couple of others. Then I shifted to J Walter Thompson in April 2003 (mainly for the extra remuneration that I was promised there!).

I have been in the advertising industry for roughly a year and three months. I'm relatively new in the field and hence have miles to go before I become a Piyush Pandey or a Prasoon Joshi.

Job ProfileI'm a junior copywriter in J Walter Thompson. Writing copy and trying to crack ideas sums up my job profile.

Currently I'm working on brands like Pepsi, The Telegraph, Tata Tiscon, Rupa, Bata and ITC cigarettes. Till date I've done three television commercials and a number of press ads and campaigns. I just finished work on two TVCs for Khaitan and one for Bata. The Khaitan ads should be on air by early May.

Advertising as career choice

Now that's a toughie. I was a reporter for six months in HT. But doing the same routine job really put me off. And anyway, brands were things which always fascinated me.

Finally I had had enough of reporting and one fine day in February, I left my reporting job and walked into Ogilvy & Mather and spoke to the creative director about my desire to work as a copywriter. And that's where it all started!!

Current Advertising scenario

The quality of creativity has gone sky high, almost meeting international standards. Creativity-wise the sector is booming. Indians have recently won at the Cannes. But the overall recession has affected the ad sector. I'll be glad if it is over soon.

Right and wrong about current advertising scenario

That's toughie number two... The overall gloom in the market is bad. Agencies are having their budgets slashed. The rest seems to be fine.

Five years from now

On top of Mount Everest. Well... jokes apart, I really don't know where I'll be. But I know that I'll be riding a Harley Davidson to work!


Trekking and listening to rock music.

Idea of enjoyment

Slugging it out on high mountains. I can spend countless days over there with good company, snow and without civilisation.

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