Oliver Sean : Singer


Name: Oliver Sean

Designation: Singer

Sun Sign: Gemini

An introduction:

I am India's first truly international complete musician with Indian roots - a singer with a unique style, a songwriter, an arranger and producer all rolled into one - a complete musician. The greatest compliment I received was from veteran musician Remo Fernandes who said: "Oliver has cool songs, warm charm, sex appeal, killer looks - everything it takes to go very, very far". His music is a fusion of blues-n-rock with a smattering of the tabla and yet mainstream so that everyone can identify with it at different levels!

The early years:

Born in Goa to an Italian father & Portuguese-Goan mother, I began singing on stage at the early age of four. Influenced by my family of musicians, I picked up the guitar at the age of eight. I started writing my own songs by the time I was 11; and at age 13 I was tutoring other kids older than me on how to play the guitar, keyboards & drums. People were not surprised when I got a scholarship in school for the most outstanding student in music.

At 13, I joined the band 'Knights' and moved onto to the band 'India' at age 15. Finally, at age 17, I started my own band 'Cloud 9'. I relocated to Dubai at age 20, where I pursued an MBA while simultaneously doing live performances and eventually setting up a recording studio there. Then, I went on to release my first single There She Is Again under my own record label 'WOA International' which received a lot of critical acclaim and airplay.

Then I went to California and enrolled at the Recording Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute, so as to learn more about Sound Engineering & Production and later moved to London to explore avenues there. I was soon offered to perform at the Mick Jagger Centre, which led to more performances there.

Impressed with my original compositions and singing style, Waterfall Studios and SKY TV contacted me to record live and subsequently put three videos of my live performances across the SKY TV Network across Europe and America. I have been travelling between the UK and India ever since.

About my debut album:

My debut album I like it has had a soft-launch in the UK and India. It has songs I have written over the years. It has been completely recorded and produced by me primarily in my Dubai studio with the finishing touches given at my Goa Studio.

I have played different styles of music over the years. This is reflected in my songwriting in the album - from blues to country and rock - all this with a fusion of acoustic guitars and tablas - a clear reflection of the fusion of my cultures!

My lyrics talk about love, longing and life, but remain boyishly uncomplicated - with trademark references to Goa - sand, surf and bikinis. However, what enhances the album further is my unique singing style and some clean guitar-playing!

I dedicate this album to my uncle late Victor Alvares - who was a legendary 'bass' guitarist with Remo's band "The Microwave Pappadums'.

The songs on the album include Tonite (a blues rock song with a cool acoustic guitar twist), I Like It (a classic rock song with an unique blend of tablas with the acoustic guitar); Nicole - a unique fusion element on a predominantly country style song, amongst others.

I will be officially launching another album with the video I Like It in June '03 followed by a whirlwind promotional tour across India and abroad. A second video Nicole will be on-air after the promotional tour.

My live act:

The Oliver Sean band comprises a drummer, a key-boardist, a bassist, a tabla player (with a violinist joining-in at times as a guest musician). My live act is a high-energy act with a lot of visual impact reminiscent of International classic rock acts, blended with my charisma and killer looks.

Generally, I prefer playing original songs at my shows, because I strongly believe that "musicians should not get stuck into the rut of playing covers, but should make an effort to write their own stuff and play their originals when they perform live.

However, I do indulge in the rare performance of classic rock songs such as Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) and I Shot the Sheriff amongst others. But these too are improvised by us - giving the songs a flavour of his own ! Another aspect of my live performances is my 'unplugged' session where I enthrall the audiences all alone - just myself and my acoustic guitar !

I have performed extensively in the Middle East and the UK and of course around India as well. However, one of my favourite places to perform remains at the beach concerts in Goa 'cos I truly believe that the audience there really knows how to party.

What I feel about my industry:

It's a tough industry, but if you have the talent and belief - there is nothing to stop you". This belief and confidence is reflected in my ability of getting the crowds to sing along and enjoy with my originals due to their simple-yet-meaningful lyrics and catchy hook-lines, developed with years of experience performing live.

Where I see myself after five years:

I see myself being a part of this great industry. I would be seen producing albums for talented new, young artistes and lending a helping hand to promote them.

One thing's for sure - my music and performances is gonna get you saying - I LIKE IT!!

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