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Name: Nisha Sareen Job

Profile : Actor

Sun Sign: Sagittarius,    12 December 1979

Educational Experience

I've done my B.A. (Economics & Sociology) from St Xavier's College. Then I went to New York and did an acting course from The School for Film and Television and also from Weist Baron. I've learnt dancing from the Broadway Dance School.

After coming back to India, I joined the Kishore Namit School of Acting and also the Shakur Sheik Dance School. Everyone in the film industry from Hrithik Roshan to Vivek Oberoi have learnt dance from him!! He's the best.

Professional Experience

I have done a lot of theater since I was six years old. I was actively involved in it right through school. The credit goes to my mom because she has always been involved with theater. She has a theater school called SPEED which stands for "Speech Personality Evolution through Educational Dramakinetics," and I have trained under her.

I played the character of Mother Teresa in a play called God Is My Banker. The play portrayed her life from childhood till death. It was a great experience to play a young girl and a dying old lady in the same play.

Then I also played the part of Beauty in a play called Beauty and the Beast. Both these plays were under the banner of my mother's theater school.

The other plays that I have enacted in, are Rendezvous with Guess Who and My Best Friend's Wedding, which is directed by producer-director-actor Sundeep Sikaand.

My last performance was at the Abby Awards where we enacted a spoof on all the ads. It was a great experience.

On television I'm doing Deepti Bhatnagar's daily soap Kabhi Aaye Na Judai which airs on Star Plus. I play the character of a girl called Raveena who does not believe in salwaar kameez and sarees. She's a hard-core American return with tank-tops and spaghettis and a whole lot of attitude!!

I have also shot a pilot for Gurudev Bhalla's Rishto Ki Dori, which will be aired on Sony. The shooting for the serial should begin by the end of April.

Five years ago I started teaching the students at my mom's theater school SPEED and I really enjoy it.

Theater & television as career choices

Acting has always been in my blood. I was exposed to a lot of theater since childhood because of my mom. Theater is my life and I am very passionate about my work.

One thing that I believe in is that if you enjoy doing something you are definitely going to make a success of it. And I really enjoy acting.

Current Television scenario

Well, honestly the current television scenario has nothing new to offer. The same saas-bahu dramas are being shown on television these days and believe you me it's not going to work in the long run. You can't fool the Indian audience by showing them such dramas. The Indian woman is not as weak as is portrayed in these serials and I don't think any woman relates to the characters shown in such soaps.

Television is such a huge medium and has so much scope for performance, especially for new actors. There are so many talented actors in the industry right now but they need the right kind of role because for actors, serials are the best way to grow and also show their potential.

Right and wrong about current television scenario

There is a dearth of good stories in the industry. We NEED good stories and more intellectual growth. But sadly, it's not happening.

Indian women are not weak and mean like they are shown on most of the soaps aired on television today. They are not submissive to their husbands' atrocities like is shown. That needs to change.

I will never choose a role in which I don't believe. I don't think I can see myself playing the saas-bahu kind of roles. The characters of Tulsi and Parvati are definitely very popular and they have gained immense fame and popularity, but I'd rather not do those kind of roles. Fame, money and popularity are important for me but not at the cost of doing what I don't believe in.

I'm acting today because I love it and it's a passion.

Five years from now

Five years down the line I see myself extremely happy in what I'm doing. I want to be a great actress and it's always been my funda since I was a kid that I will work only in serials or movies that are in the A+ category... nothing less!


I absolutely love dancing and teaching kids in my mom's theater school. I enjoy singing and have trained to play the harmonium. Books are also my passion. My favourite authors are Danielle Steel and John Grisham.

Idea of enjoyment

My idea of enjoyment is being with people who I vibe with. My friends and family fall in that category.

I'm a very adaptable and flexible kind of person. I can mould myself to the kind of people around me. I love meeting and interacting with people because I believe that that's how one keeps growing.

I am definitely not a loner and I'm extremely restless. I need to be around people all the time. That's my idea of enjoyment!!

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