Nirav Adalja : Head of Sales and Marketing


Name: Nirav Adalja

Designation: Head of Sales and Marketing - Anchor Health and Beauty Care Pvt. Ltd.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius, 9 December 1969

Educational Experience

B.Com from N.M. College of Commerce and Economics.

MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS).

Professional Experience

I first operated from Delhi where I was into International Marketing in garments and chemicals for two and a half years in an export house called Ari Enterprises. ('Ari' is a Hebrew word which means 'Lion').

I came to Bombay in 1997 and joined Anchor as a Sales Manager and have worked myself up to being the Head of Sales and Marketing.

Job Profile

I have to find a reason for the consumers to buy my product. I am also responsible for creating and servicing of more than 200 distribution networks throughout India and also provide the mechanism of effective service. I have to work out consumer promotions strategies, effective trade schemes and man power management.

Marketing as career choice

I had initially worked in the international market and it gave me an opportunity to learn various things. For example, I learnt about consumer behaviour and how to relate that into the ability of providing the right solution.

I had an inclination towards marketing and I had the flair for it too. So I naturally took to it. I could have been in any other sector also like finance but I wasn't predisposed towards it. I found marketing very interesting and so I'm in this field today.

Current Marketing scenario

The current marketing scenario is good. Consumer demands are increasing today and when they increase, there is a good scope for personal growth. Today the state is such that whoever does consumer interaction in any form will grow. Consumer interaction can be done in several ways like value addition to the product, consumer promotion, etc. So consumer interaction is the key word in the marketing scenario today.

Right and wrong about current marketing scenario

There are many in the marketing sector who have resorted to negative marketing to promote their product. Negative marketing is when one tries to sell their product by highlighting the faults of other products. That is wrong. I believe in positive marketing. By positive marketing I mean promoting my product for what it is and the qualities it has.

Five years from now

In every category, be it health care, personal care or consumer promotion, Anchor aims to become number two in ten years.

Five years from now I see myself heading at least two such categories. I'm saying number two and not number one because it's very difficult to be number one in five years. If I were asked where I see myself in ten or fifteen years time, then it would be heading categories which are number one!!


I love working. I'm totally involved with my work. Apart from that I like reading books on great personalities. My favourite book being Mohammed Ali - The Greatest. I also like the book on Alexander The Great. I fancy reading about people who have achieved something in their life, what they went through to reach these levels and how they cope with being on the top. I don't like reading management books!!

I have the zeal to explore and to get to know new things. It can be geographically; knowledge-wise?it can be anything. Apart from that I like spending time with my family, my wife and kids.

Idea of enjoyment

My idea of enjoyment is doing what makes me happy and doing it the right way. It depends what kind of a mood I am in. Once I'm out of office, I like meeting up with my friends, going for a movie, dinner or parties with friends and family. That's my way of relaxing and enjoying.

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