Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay and Varsha Narain : Research Coordinators


Name: Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay and Varsha Narain

Designation: Research Coordinators - Doordarshan

Sun Sign: Nilanjan - A balanced Libran

Varsha - A go-getter Virgoan

Educational Experience

VN: Schooling at Bishop Westcott in Namkum, Ranchi. Later degrees picked up in the midst of running a household and raising 3 beautiful children. Career took me back to school as a teacher till I landed in Delhi. Delhi provided a wide range of opportunities - right from working with the Corporates to the NGO world and finally as an entrepreneur. Life continues to be the biggest teacher and learning new things every day continues to be a passion.

NM: Haven't had much after school. After a runaway phase enrolled for a Masters in Russian Language in Jawaharlal Nehru University to read Gorky in the original but somehow drifted into journalism - more by chance than by choice. Hoping to realise dream of being the first non-graduate Visiting Prof. at a 'Propah' Univ.

Professional Experience

VN: Wide and vast to say the least. Began as a teacher in the best of public schools after which went on to head the biggest formal school run by a NGO in the Capital. Thereafter, had a stint with the corporates to help out with their programmes in the social sector. For the past two years running the first ever out-sourced Research and Anchor Support agency for Doordarshan News in partnership.

NM: Pen pusher initially and now keyboard puncher with thought processor attached. Name any quality newspaper or magazine published from the Capital, its archives would have something or other written by me. An early gatecrasher from the print media into the electronic in the infancy years of satellite TV, have in recent years specialized in backroom support.

Job Profile

Essential backroom support to faces in news TV. Besides running an agency flawlessly, the work includes providing detailed background notes on issues ranging from cricket to diplomacy, from fashion to elections.

We are the eyes and ears of news anchors besides being important sounding boards for newsroom, graphics divisions to high profile directors. Quiet workers, a creator of an innovative model, our existence underscores that content is really King. Poverty of words and abundance of info: that the motto at work.

After all TV anchors and Reporters have little time to go through heavy tomes. What started out as an exercise to provide data support during election shows has now developed into a full-fledged system that provides the spine to any news channel.

Television as career choice

TV, especially News, is demanding and stretches the ability to cope with demands to the hilt. Everything that is needed by reporters, anchors, producers and editors is always needed yesterday but we have created a system enabling us to meet demands the moment news starts breaking.

In today's age of competitiveness no channel can continue providing quality programming without adequate backroom support. In the final analysis, it leaves us with the satisfaction that though the faces might be different, the words and thoughts --- most of it --- articulated on screen is very much ours.

Current Television scenario

Just about beginning to heat up - especially news and current affairs TV. The 15 second sound byte brigade would have to look beyond that to provide greater depth and add quality analysis.

First there was the novelty of being first with the pictures but soon this is going to be replaced with greater variety. Sooner or later, the pressure will mount on channels to come up with exclusive stories that still remain the domain of the print media.

Right and wrong about the current television scenario

The Right is that more and more competitiveness is coming in. The Wrong is that television news is in danger of being trivialized. There is need to get away from the overdrive of only pretty faces, but also add innovation with creativity.

Five years from now

Five years from now Name, fame, health, wealth and prosperity by our side?And of course the reputation of being the last word in quality and content with our organization "Qualitent Research Group" steadfast in its mission.


Traveling (though currently a casualty), tending plants and feeding birds.

Idea of enjoyment

Chandni raat ho!

Haat mein jam ho!

Aur intellectual funda ka saath ho!

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