Namrata Ahmed : Producer - Applause Entertainment


Educational Experience

I've done my philosophy honours from Mithibai College, Mumbai and thereafter I did a media course from the same college.

Professional Experience

I started my career at the age of 17 as a trainee with well known TV personality Siddhartha Kak. After that I was an assistant on a show called Zee Premiere Show. Later, I also directed the show.

Once I gathered some experience I set up my own production company called Sainet Communications. We were producing software for Zee TV. We produced 52 episodes of Zee Talkies. It won the best show award at the RAPA (Radio and TV advertisers practitioners association of India) awards a few years back.

While I was working on these shows I worked on Weekend Cinema which aired on Zee Cinema. This was Zee's in-house show and directed the show for them as a freelancer.

Amidst all this I also tried my hand at PR. I handled the PR for Arjun Sablok's directorial debut movie Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and also handled his personal PR.

Prior to my stint with television as a producer I provided creative input for a show called The Kiran Juneja Show. I was also the audience coordinator for the same.

Currently I'm the creative producer for a show called Bollywood Tonight which our company Applause Entertainment produces for Zee Cinema. We compile the best stories of this show and air it on a show called Bollywood Gupshup on Zee TV.

Job Profile

As a creative producer I have to see to it that we produce a good show both in content and looks. So the entire look of the show is my responsibility.

Television as career choice

I had not thought about getting into this field so it was not a deliberate move on my part. My dad has been associated with the media for a long time now and so it was a very natural move on my part to get into this field.

Current Television scenario

There was a phase when there was a boom in the television market and then after a while there was the same regular stuff, then again there was a boom. So the industry has been very unpredictable with ups and downs.

It has been noticed that if a particular soap or programme gains popularity among the viewers, 10 other soaps of the same genre will be on air within no time. For example when family dramas gained popularity, so many others came up with the same. And it has also been noticed that sequels seldom work.

Everyone wants to work on and around an already successful formula. No one is breaking away from the mould that is already there. The industry is in need for some good television software. Five years from now

My dream is to make a film one day. What I am currently doing is just a stepping stone to that ultimate goal. So hopefully five years from now I should be starting my own movie.


I am a total music freak. I love all kinds of music whether it is English or Hindi. I'm not into rock or metallic stuff but am more of a soft music lover.

I love to read also but I don't get enough time to do so. I'm not a voracious reader but if and when I do find time, I read books on philosophy rather than the regular fiction novels.

I also love dancing and have learnt Bharat Natyam and Kathak. I am also a movie buff. I love watching all kinds of cinema but not necessarily Indian cinema.

Idea of enjoyment

I am basically a person who enjoys going out for a meal with friends. I am not the partying kind. I have been to a disco twice in my life and have absolutely hated the experience.

I am more of the kind who would love to go out on drives or a walk on the beach. My sense of enjoyment is something very subtle and quiet.

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