Fawzan Husain : Principal photographer - India Today


Name: Fawzan Husain

Job Profile: Principal photographer - India Today

Sun Sign: Scorpion, 16 November 1965

Educational Experience

Post graduate in journalism from the Bombay School of Journalism.

Professional Experience

I have gathered 13 years of experience as a photojournalist and have travelled extensively. I specialise in street photography.

I joined India Today in 1993 as their principal photographer. Prior to that for three years I was with the news & feature photography with Mid-Day Publications. I've also contributed to AsiaWeek magazine for six years.

I've been a lecturer in the Bombay School of Journalism since 1993-4.

Solo Shows:

Mass Marriages (2003), Bombay's Life Line - Tracks (2001), Guts and Glory (2000), Children of Kamathipura (1997), Faces - Indian Women (1996), Echoes from Bombay (1992).

Group Shows:

Women in India: How Free? How Equal (2001), Impressions Beijing (2001), Kashmir after Kargil (1999), Maha Kumbh (1998), 50 Years of Freedom of Expression (1997).


China-Beijing: Represented India at Photo Trips: `World photographers focussing on Beijing' (2000), Iraq: Saddam Hussein's presidential referendum (2002), Singapore (1996), Maldives (2003).


'Bombay' India Travel Guide (2000), Beijing In Focus (2001), Fallen Angles (2001), Bridges of Friendship (2001).


Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan), Hotel 'The Park' (Bangalore), Opium Den - The Oberoi Hotel (Bombay).

To view some of my work click on the link below:


Photography as career choice

I worked with Mid Day for four months as a writer and realised that I could convey my feelings better through an image. Thus began my journey with the view finder.

Current photography scenario

Now that the government has allowed 26 per cent FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in news and 74 per cent in non news category there seems to be an air of optimism.

Electronic media presently is going through a boom time and very soon print medium is also expected to witness the same. All in all, the entire picture looks very rosy.

Problems faced by photographers today

The biggest problem photographers face today is that of recognition. Unlike what it is in the west, photography is not recognised as an art form in India. It might take a decade or two... and till that happens there will be a dearth of serious work.

Five years from now

I have always found something wanting in my pictures. I have realised that a good picture not only depends on technical consideration but also a great deal on the personality of the photographer, his belief, his convictions and his attitude.

Having lived in the metropolis city of Bombay all my life, I have been trained by the environment to see the world from my own narrow frame of reference. In the next few years I will try and seek to explore the outside world to broaden my frame of reference.


I used to love reading until I went digital. Most of my time now is spent in front of the monitor working on my digital images.

Idea of enjoyment

My idea of fun is slinging a camera on my shoulder and walking down the street. Street photography is what I love the most.

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