Bipin R Pandit : General Manager The Advertising Club Bombay


Name: Bipin R Pandit

Designation: General Manager The Advertising Club Bombay

Sun Sign: Leo, 29 July

Educational ExperienceB.Com, L.L.B, Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising and M. Com (Part-1).

Professional Experience

My professional experience spans over a period of 21 years. My first job was with The Baroda Rayon Corp. Ltd, where I worked for six years, followed by 10 years with Castrol India Ltd in the Information Technology department.

For the past five years, I have been working with The Advertising Club, Bombay. Apart from this I have compered many shows (mostly in Hindi) and am a mimicry artist.

Job Profile

Am in charge of the secretariat of the biggest and easily the busiest Advertising Club in the world. I am the point person for the biggest Advertising event of the country -the "ABBY Awards" and also the media awards - EMVIEs and the International awards "EFFIEs".

I have also been entrusted with the responsibility of the secretariat for the biggest advertising event in Asia -"AdASIA 2003", which will be held in Jaipur between 10-14 November 2003.

I was an integral part of the administrative set up that mobilised a delegation of 68 people from India to Pattaya in 1999 and 40 people at Taipei in 2002 for the AdASIA congress. Event coordination, conducting meetings and workshops form a part of the daily activity. I am on the advisory board of NIEM as well.

As a compere and mimicry artist, I have done around 1,000 shows in Mumbai, the interiors of Maharashtra and major metros. I have performed with Abhijeet, Mohammed Aziz, Gunjan, Zankar, Babla and the Beatles

Media as career choice

I chose a career in media because it is dynamic and offers many options. Moreover, the relentless pursuits interlinked with public relations (my core strength) and close functioning with advertising ensure that there are no dull moments.

I love my work as it allows me to meet and interact with people. Also, being a stage artist has helped a great deal in establishing contacts.

Current Media scenario

The awards bagged by Indian ad agencies in the International award ceremonies be it Clio, Lions, Cannes or AdAsia bear testimony to the fact that we are doing very well in the advertising world.

Media nowadays works at a break neck speed, it's dynamic, marketing savvy and accessible with the latest updates at any given hour. To an extent, it has become a viewer's and reader's delight.

Right and wrong about current media scenario

As far as advertising is concerned, I believe that while making ads, one should not make digs at each other. By doing so, the creative element suffers. It's important that this kind of competition be checked.

Though today's media is fearless, informative and exhaustive in its coverage, I feel it does get ruthless at times. Unfortunately, it gets swayed by glamour and important news does not get the required prominence. Also, there is an overdose of repetitive information by TV news channels flashing the same news.

But then again, while it is easy to pin point the wrong things, one has to remember that we are operating in a competitive world where we have to sell our product. One has to decide if he wants to produce an art movie that runs for a week or a runway commercial hit that churns a good surplus. It is imperative to maintain a balance.

One area where media can play a very decisive role is creating social awareness. Despite one's busy schedule, one does keep in touch with media. So use this powerful tool for a social cause.

Five years from now

I see myself pretty well placed and leading from the front. I know for sure that times are difficult, turbulent to say the least, but sincerity coupled with proactiveness will help me overcome challenges. I want to give voice-overs a shot. The efforts are on.


Giving voice overs, mimicry, singing, music, cricket, films, partying with friends and I dare say keeping fit by walking and swimming.

Idea of enjoyment

Going out with my family for a trip - wife Nandini and son Neeraj (a good mimic), meeting friends and partying with them, singing and rehearsing voices of different filmstars. Eating good food and having a nice drink twice a week. I also love to meet new people and make friends.

In addition, I enjoy doing my job with l00 per cent involvement. I am grateful to God for bestowing me with a skill through which I can make people laugh.

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