Bidisha Nagaraj : Marketing manager - Intel India


Name: Bidisha Nagaraj

Designation: Marketing manager - Intel India Sun

Sign: Cancer, 9 July 1967

Educational Experience

After doing my B Com I did post graduation in mass communication from Bangalore University.

Professional Experience

I was in Lintas from 1991 to 1996 as a group account manager. Then I joined Compaq Computers in 1997 and was there till 1999 as their market services consultant. Since 1999 I have been with Intel Technologies as their marketing manager.

Job Profile

As a consumer marketing manager of Intel India I am responsible for driving Intel's consumer strategy for increasing demand for home PCs through the use of advertising, Internet marketing and retail marketing.

Marketing as career choice

Marketing has the power to move minds and influence decisions. It allows you to think outside the box and colour outside the lines.

I can't think of too many other professions where I can use the following sentences so appropriately - 'Create like a God ', 'Command like a King' and 'Work like a slave'.

These are some of the reasons why my passion for marketing has soared high over the years.

Current marketing scenario

2003 is certainly a watershed year for media and indeed for marketing.

Let's look at the inflections - CAS on TV is allowing consumers to choose their bouquet of channels better but this comes with an added price tag, rebirth of radio with increasing popularity of FM, growth of cinema multiplexes, Internet users estimated to ascend to 25 million in '03, regional print options are also mushrooming.

This dynamic situation is pushing the marketeer to 'Cogita Differenter' (Think Differently). There are new vehicles to evaluate, there are new competing categories that are emerging, all vying for the consumers' share of wallet, there are new consumer segments emerging which allow for finer positioning. Innovative thinking is really the only way out.

Five years from now

My philosophy is to take each day at a time... live each day to the fullest. I don't even plan for five days so five years is a real stretch to think of.


I'm a very patient listener of people's problems.

Idea of enjoyment

The three Cs: Coffee (Capuccino), Company (stimulating), Conversation (intense)!!

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